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Umar Quotes
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Umar Quote: “If Allah wants for a people ill, he gives them debates and takes away from them actions.”
Umar Quote: “Acquire knowledge before you become leaders and pride prevents you from learning and you live in ignorance.”
Umar Quote: “Do not be deceived by a man’s eloquence; rather whoever fulfils trusts and refrains from impugning people’s honour is a real man.”
Umar Quote: “He who keeps his own counsel keeps his affairs in his own hands.”
Umar Quote: “The wisest man is he who can account for his actions.”
Umar Quote: “Try as much as you can to mention death. For if you were having hard times in your life, then it would give you more hope and would ease things for you. And if you were having abundant affluence of living in luxury, then it would make it less luxurious.”
Umar Quote: “May Allah have mercy on him who sends me my faults as a present.”
Umar Quote: “Do not overeat; that invites disease.”
Umar Quote: “The wisest among you is he whose sustenance is the fear of Allah.”
Umar Quote: “Sit with those who constantly repent, for they have the softest hearts.”
Umar Quote: “God forbid, men should be jealous of knowledge as they are jealous of women.”
Umar Quote: “He who does now know evil will fall into it.”
Umar Quote: “He who went to the kings to seek favors went away from Allah.”
Umar Quote: “When you do not know of a thing say so plainly.”
Umar Quote: “He who sleeps without offering the night prayer, may he never enjoy a sound sleep.”
Umar Quote: “Fear Allah, for that is fortune; indifference to Allah is misfortune.”
Umar Quote: “Take account of your deeds before they are taken account of.”
Umar Quote: “Fear him, whom you hate.”
Umar Quote: “The criterion of action is that todays work should not be deferred till the following day.”
Umar Quote: “For those who practise tyranny and deprive others of their rights, I will be harsh and stern, but for those who follow the law, I will be most soft and tender.”
Umar Quote: “Luxury is an obstacle, and so is the fatness of the body.”
Umar Quote: “Renouncing the worldly pleasures is a comfort for both the human heart and body.”
Umar Quote: “If a sheep dies on the shore of the Euphrates I fear lest Allah ask me to account for it on the Day of Resurrection.”
Umar Quote: “When you see that any scholar loves the world, then his scholarship is in doubt.”
Umar Quote: “Preserve the sayings of those people who are indifferent to the world. They say only that what Allah wishes them to say.”
Umar Quote: “O Allah do not give me in excess lest I may be disobedient.”
Umar Quote: “The happiest of people is the one under whose care people are happy because of him, and the most miserable of people is the one under whose care people are miserable because of him.”
Umar Quote: “The most important of your affairs in my view is prayer; whoever prays regularly has protected his faith, but whoever neglects it, is bound to be more negligent in other issues of faith.”
Umar Quote: “If patience and gratitude had been she camels, it would have mattered little on which I rode.”
Umar Quote: “Do not be an arrogant scholar, for scholarship cannot subsist with arrogance.”
Umar Quote: “Money cannot help lifting its head.”
Umar Quote: “When a man puts me a question, I judge of his intelligence.”
Umar Quote: “If your ruler is just, then praise God; but if he is unjust, pray to God to rid you of him.”
Umar Quote: “Who do you think’s better looking people in the north or people in the south?”
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