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Top 70 Vandana Shiva Quotes (2023 Update)
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Vandana Shiva Quote: “If you are doing the right thing for the earth, she’s giving you great company.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “The fact that I still find so much beauty in a handicraft is because my mother taught us to see not just the craft as a product but the craft as an embodiment of human creativity and human labor.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “The only way to build hope is throuhgh the Earth.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “Maldevelopment is the violation of the integrity of organic, interconnected and interdependent systems, that sets in motion a process of exploitation, inequality, injustice and violence. It is blind to the fact that a recognition of nature’s harmony and action to maintain it are preconditions for distributive justice.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “Climate change is not just a problem for the future. It is impacting us every day, everywhere.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “Being a planetary citizen does not need space travel. It means being conscious that we are part of the universe and of the earth. The most fundamental law is to recognise that we share the planet with other beings, and that we have a duty to care for our common home.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “The best and most evolved technologies are those that do not destroy the very base on which we live.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “Modern science, as we have noted earlier, has a world-view that both supports and is supported by the socio-political-economic system of western capitalist patriarchy which dominates and exploits nature, women, and the poor.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “It is often too late by the time the government reacts.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “Staying home is an ecological imperative, an ethical imperative. It is also a joyful option. It is the practice of oikonomia as the art of living. It is earth democracy in action, cultivating and expanding the freedoms of all beings.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “We are in a strange kind of time, where the kind of liberation movements such as anti-apartheid movements and freedom struggles in India need to be reinvented. We need to retool them so that all the gains that our generation has made can be passed on to future generations.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “However, such theorising is uninteresting in the context of a comparison with ethno-science and an evaluation in an ecological perspective, though for a dualist philosophy of science restricted to the analysis of ideas alone it is just these fields which are most interesting since they are the most advanced in the reductionist-positivist scheme of thought.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “The fight for truth... is not just our right as free citizens of free societies. It is our duty as citizens of the earth.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “Unless the poor of the world agitate for themselves to be heard, there will be no changes in their circumstances.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “We can and must respond creatively to the triple crisis and simultaneously overcome dehumanization, economic inequality, and, ecological catastrophe.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “The business of grabbing and money-making, through a violent extractive economy that the 1% have built, is burdening the earth and humanity with unbearable and non-sustainable costs, and has brought us to the brink of extinction. We do not have to escape from the earth; we have to escape from the illusions that enslave our minds and make extinction look inevitable.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “The close nexus between reductionist science, patriarchy, violence, and profits is explicit in 80 percent of scientific research that is devoted to the war industry, and is frankly aimed directly at lethal violence –.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “Simplicity and nonviolence are the basis of an economy of wellbeing, and such an economy must be localised.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “Centralized economic systems also erode the democratic base of politics. In a democracy, the economic agenda is the political agenda.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “The assumptions are evident: nature is unproductive; organic agriculture based on nature’s cycles of renewability spells poverty; women and tribal and peasant societies embedded in nature are similarly unproductive, not because it has been demonstrated that in cooperation they produce less goods and services for needs, but because it is assumed that ‘production’ takes place only when mediated by technologies for commodity production, even when such technologies destroy.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “Ecology movements are political movements for a nonviolent world order in which nature is conserved for conserving the options for survival.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “What could be a better indication of man’s continued dependence on nature than the fact that today’s so-called post-industrial societies satisfy most of their food needs through imports from so-called underdeveloped countries?”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “The worldwide destruction of the feminine knowledge of agriculture evolved over four to five thousand years by a handful of white male scientists in less than two decades has not merely violated women as experts but, since their expertise is modeled on nature’s system of renewability, has gone hand in hand with the ecological destruction of nature’s processes and the economic destruction of poor people in rural areas.”
Vandana Shiva Quote: “It is the indignity of being treated as disposable that pushes people towards religious fundamentalism in order to retrieve a sense of self, of meaning, of significance. This is why globalization breeds religious fundamentalism and free markets create terrorism and extremism, not democracy.”
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