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Top 120 Vernon Howard Quotes
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Vernon Howard Quote: “Realize that the surface personality has no interest in anything which might disturb its darling delusions.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “We find the light only after total defeat of our attempts to deceive and outwit it.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “You cannot stop destructive actions by others, but you can stop your own destructive reactions to them.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “The outer storm ceases the moment the inner storm ends, for they are the same storm.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “Men have the illusion of having a duty to make the world spin properly, which is precisely what makes it wobble.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “The answers come when you are quietly willing to be without them.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “We must become acquainted with our emotional household: we must see our feelings as they actually are, not as we assume they are. This breaks their hypnotic and damaging hold on us.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “We clearly realize that freedom’s inner kingdom cannot be touched by exterior attacks.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “Bitterness is the outcome of a wrong mental movement – the attempt to force external events to conform to internal fantasy. The cure is to see fantasy as fantasy, which will reveal it as neither necessary nor rewarding.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “When you are genuinely strong, you neither attack nor defend and so retain your energy.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “Whenever encountering a troublesome person, do not identify him as being cruel or stupid or rude or anything else like that. Instead, see him as a frightened person.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “A self-working individual will be sitting around home one day when the startling thought occurs, “Here I am, sitting around, doing nothing of interest, nothing to hope for, no one to talk with-and I am not depressed.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “The true way of knowing yourself includes neither self-praise nor self-blame, but only a wise silence.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “Doing good to someone in order to reduce self-guilt will only ruin things for both of you.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “Circumstances are conquered simply by having no egotistical need to conquer them.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “Rushing emotions have no more real power to sweep you away than a tiny brook can move a boulder.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “Happiness is liberty from everything that makes us unhappy.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “Your level of mental awareness attracts the habitual life you lead.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “Just as darkness cannot put out a candle, evil has no real power over goodness.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “Think of happiness as a state of inner liberty. That is exactly what it is. It is never anything else. It will help if you forget the word happiness altogether. Substitute the term inner liberty. It works favorably upon your thinking habits. It connects inner liberty with the genuine meaning of happiness. And that puts you on the right track.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “What a dawning appears to the man or woman who earnestly inquires, ‘Who is living my life for me?’ Am I really thinking for myself or am I unknowingly projecting acquired ideas which may be all wrong?”
Vernon Howard Quote: “Don’t think that you must involve yourself with complex intellectual philosophies. Don’t try to be profound or educated. That only wears you out. Just be simple. Let everyday life be your teacher.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “You command a condition by having no negative attitudes toward it.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “There is great wisdom in asking, “How can I get out of this?” There is even greater wisdom in asking, “How did I get INTO this?”
Vernon Howard Quote: “A person radiates what he really is, not what he imagines he is, and attracts what he radiates.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “Inner liberation can be described as a condition in which you no longer take either credit or blame for anything.”
Vernon Howard Quote: “Your unhappiness consists of what you cannot be told about yourself.”
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