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Top 60 Victoria Osteen Quotes (2024 Update)
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Victoria Osteen Quote: “We all go through waiting times that can be very difficult. We need to develop our patience, knowing that at the right time, God is going to get us to where we need to be as well as give us what we need.”
Victoria Osteen Quote: “Get up every day and remind yourself that the Creator of the universe chose you, and you are valuable to Him. Don’t let your mistakes, failures, or other people talk you out of who you are.”
Victoria Osteen Quote: “Too many people go through life focused on what’s wrong rather than what’s right. We have to be careful not to have a habit of seeing and being drawn to what’s negative. It’s so important to choose to see the beautiful rose before the thorn.”
Victoria Osteen Quote: “It’s so important that we set the tone for the day. We have to resist the temptation to start off worried, thinking about what’s wrong and all we have to accomplish. Start the day in faith, casting your worries on the Lord, trusting that He’s guiding and directing your steps.”
Victoria Osteen Quote: “It’s good to have dreams and goals. We should be stretching our faith. But while we’re waiting for promises to come to pass, we shouldn’t be discontent where we are. The right attitude is, “God, I’m believing for this, but I’m also happy with what I have.”
Victoria Osteen Quote: “God wants you to remember the good: what He has done for you in your life. When you remember the good, it helps you through the tough times. Use the power of remembrance to strengthen your faith and help you get through.”
Victoria Osteen Quote: “If your mind can be trained to complain, then your mind can be trained to find the best. When we learn to look for what is good, it brings strength and encouragement to our hearts. It can bring peace and joy even in difficult situations.”
Victoria Osteen Quote: “We have seen with our own eyes those times when God made a way. When you face tough times and your dream looks impossible, just remember. Go back and replay your victories. Relive the times when you thought you were stuck, but God opened a door.”
Victoria Osteen Quote: “God doesn’t want us to live worried. To become exceptional, you have to travel light. Put aside the worries and walk forward into each day expecting miracles, finding joy, and believing in God’s provision.”
Victoria Osteen Quote: “Instead of focusing on a person’s shortcomings, focus on something about them that exceeds your expectations. Look for the good and you will find it.”
Victoria Osteen Quote: “Get in the habit of dwelling on the good and remember all that God has done for you.”
Victoria Osteen Quote: “When we are aware of God’s beauty in the world around us, and when we take time to enjoy simple pleasures that brighten our day, we experience a joy and delight that feeds our soul. We add value to our day and enrich our life.”
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