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Virgil Quote: “Myself acquainted with misfortune, I learn to help the unfortunate.”
Virgil Quote: “O tyrant love, to what do you not drive the hearts of men.”
Virgil Quote: “The wavering multitude is divided into opposite factions.”
Virgil Quote: “Age steals away all things, even the mind.”
Virgil Quote: “The Britons are quite separated from all the world.”
Virgil Quote: “Fury itself supplies arms.”
Virgil Quote: “Those gods on whom our power hitherto depended have forsaken their altars and their shrines and gone forth from us; the city which you would rescue is already ablaze; and it is for us to plunge amid the spears and die. Nothing can save the conquered but the knowledge that they cannot now be saved.”
Virgil Quote: “Not being untutored in suffering, I learn to pity those in affliction.”
Virgil Quote: “Meanwhile Aeneas the True longed to allay her grief and dispel her sufferings with kind words. yet he remained obedient to the divine command, and with many a sigh, for he was shaken to the depths by the strength of his love, returned to his ships.”
Virgil Quote: “Each of us finds the world of death fitted to himself.”
Virgil Quote: “I fear the Greeks, even when they bring gifts.”
Virgil Quote: “Each man is led by his own liking.”
Virgil Quote: “I too am a poet who has found some favour with the Muse. I too have written songs. I too have heard the shepherds call me bard. But I take it from them with a grain of salt: I have the feeling that I cannot yet compare with Varius or Cinna, but cackle like a goose among melodious swans.”
Virgil Quote: “Una salus uictis nullam sperare salutem.”
Virgil Quote: “Is there so much anger in the minds of the gods?”
Virgil Quote: “Live, and prosper, for all your adventures are past. We are called onwards from destiny to destiny. For you, your rest is won.”
Virgil Quote: “But the Danaan princes and Agamemnon’s battalions, soon as they saw the man and his arms flashing amid the glom, trembled with mighty fear; some turn to flee, as of old they sought the ships; some raise a shout – faintly; the cry essayed mocks their gaping mouths.”
Virgil Quote: “The seeds of life – fiery is their force, divine their birth, but they are weighed down by the bodies’ ills or dulled by earthly limbs and flesh that’s born for death.”
Virgil Quote: “Happy is the man who has learned the causes of things.”
Virgil Quote: “If one swain scorns you, you will soon find another.”
Virgil Quote: “No other evil we know is faster than Rumor, thriving on speed and becoming stronger by running. Small and timid at first, then borne on a light air, she flits over ground while hiding her head on a cloud-top.”
Virgil Quote: “Who asks whether the enemy was defeated by strategy or valor?”
Virgil Quote: “Womankind Is ever a fickle and a changeful thing.”
Virgil Quote: “Rumor starts as a timid thing, But soon it covers the earth, and its voices ring, While its feet walk the ground and its head is above the clouds.”
Virgil Quote: “Want of pluck shows want of blood.”
Virgil Quote: “Each draws to his best-loved.”
Virgil Quote: “His heart beat high for war and he blazed with an implacable fire which needed no kindling.”
Virgil Quote: “From my example learn to be just, and not to despise the gods.”
Virgil Quote: “Let not our proposal be disregarded on the score of our youth.”
Virgil Quote: “Each person, makes their own terrible passion their God.”
Virgil Quote: “There may be no great honour in killing a woman; such a victory can bring no fame. But I shall have some credit for having stamped dead a mortal sin, and punished a wrong which cries out for justice; and it will be joy to have gutted my desire for the vengeance of the fire and satisfied the ashes of all that were ever dear to me.”
Virgil Quote: “What a lot of work it was to found the Roman race.”
Virgil Quote: “Night reigned: all through the world tied bodies were harvesting tranquil slumber.”
Virgil Quote: “Mothers of Latium! Hey! Hear me, each one of you, wherever you may be! If you still have any sympathy for poor Amata in your faithful hearts, or any prick of conscience for a mother’s claims, untie the bands around your hair and take to the wild rites with me!”
Virgil Quote: “This is a tale of arms and of a man. Fated to be an exile, he was the first to sail from the land of Troy and reach Italy, at its Lavinian shore. He met many tribulations on his way both by land on on the ocean; high Heaven willed it, for Juno was ruthless and could not forget her anger.”
Virgil Quote: “She prayed then to whatever power may care in comprehending justice for the grief of lovers bound unequally by love.”
Virgil Quote: “There should be no strife with the vanquished or the dead.”
Virgil Quote: “Dux femina facit.”

188. “Dux femina facit.


Virgil Quote: “I shudder when relating it.”
Virgil Quote: “Ah, piteous boy, Fortune came smiling; was it in jealousy that she then cruelly denied you to me.”
Virgil Quote: “If there is any power of righteousness in Heaven, you will drink to the dregs the cup of punishment amid sea rocks and as you suffer cry “Dido” againa and again. Though far, yet I shall be near, haunting you with flames of blackest pitch. And when death’s chill has parted my body from its breath, wherever you go my spectre will be there,. You will have your punishment, you villain. And I shall hear, the news will reach me deep in the world of death.”
Virgil Quote: “Such were my wild words, for madness had mastered my judgement and gained complete control.”
Virgil Quote: “We have hearts valiant in war, we have spirit, and a manhood which has proved itself by deed.”
Virgil Quote: “Gods whose dominion is over the Souls, Shades without sound, Void, and you, Burning River, and you, broad Spaces voiceless beneath the Night, may I remain sinless in telling what has been told to me, and, by your divine assent, reveal truth sunk in depths of earth and gloom.”
Virgil Quote: “The sky and the lands, the watery plains, the moon’s gleaming face, the Titanic Sun and the stars are all strengthened by Spirit working within them, and by Mind, which is blended into all the vast universe and pervades every part of it, enlivening the whole mass.”
Virgil Quote: “To what crime do you not drive the hearts of men, accursed hunger for gold?”
Virgil Quote: “Yo temo al Griego, aunque presente dones.”
Virgil Quote: “A festive din now rose and echoed through the palace halls. Lighted lamps hung from the coffered ceiling rich with gold leaf, and torches with high flames prevailed over the night.”
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