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Wayne W. Dyer Quotes
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Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “The soul is the birthless, deathless, changeless part of us – the part of us that looks out from behind our eyes and has no form.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Well, your whole life is like a checkerboard and there’s a sense that you get, especially looking back on it, that you begin to realize and gain awareness that there’s something else moving all of these pieces around in your life, and that was really true for me right from the very beginning.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Arrange photographs of nature scenes, animals and expressions of joy and love in your environment and let their energy radiate into your heart and provide you with their higher frequency.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “You’ll seldom experience regret for anything that you’ve done. It is what you haven’t done that will torment you. The message, therefore, is clear. Do it! Develop an appreciation for the present moment. Seize every second of your life and savor it.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “You, a person with a vision, are like a pebble in a stream, moving ever outward to infinity, impacting on all who come into contact with the ripple.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Forgiveness is the Most Powerful thing you can Do for Yourself on the Spiritual Path.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Once you believe in yourself and see your soul as divine and precious, you’ll automatically be converted to a being who can create miracles.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “The purpose of prayer is not to influence God to grant you special favors, but rather to remind yourself that you are always connected to God.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Be gentle and forgiving with yourself, abandon any and all shame, and refuse to engage in any self-repudiation.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Do not abandon trust when your ego thinks things should be different than they are.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “By choosing to hang on to your corner of freedom in even the worst situations, you can process your world with the energy of appreciation and beauty, and create an opportunity to transcend your circumstances.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “The only thing that feeling bad accomplishes is to plummet you into anxiety, despair, depression, and stress. In such situations, ask yourself in that moment what THOUGHT you can have that will make you feel GOOD!”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Before speaking, consult your inner-truth barometer, and resist the temptation to tell people only what they want to hear.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “You who seek God, apart, apart The thing you seek, thou art, thou art. If you want to seek the Beloved’s face. Polish the mirror, gaze into that space. These words were written by Rumi as a tribute for his master guru Shams of Tabriz.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “When you’re feeling unwell, remember that the same power that actually made your body knows how to restore it to its original state of well-being. All you have to do is remove the obstacles erected by you and your toxic world, and allow this healing power to flow through you.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “In God’s eyes, no one on this planet is any better than you.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Take some time to be silent and repeat the sound of God as an inner mantra. Meditation allows you to make conscious contact with your Source and achieve success in every area. If a problem arises, then go within, get very quiet about it and find the answers inside of you.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “When you seek happiness for yourself it will always elude you. When you seek happiness for others you will find it yourself.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “By giving children lots of affection, you can help fill them with love and acceptance of themselves. Then that’s what they will have to give away.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “You can’t go around being what everyone wants you to be, living your life through other people’s rules, and expect to be happy and have inner peace.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Can you see the beauty in a cockroach?”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “When you’re at peace with your life and in a state of tranquility, you actually send out a vibration of energy that impacts all living creatures, including plants, animals and even babies.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “In reality, it’s much easier not to smoke or eat chocolate than to do so. It’s your mind that convinces you otherwise.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “I do not concern myself with being unique, and I do not concern myself with success. I feel I just do and say what I am supposed to. I do not know where it comes from. I go where I am told, and I just allow whatever it is to come out.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “But when you get to a higher level of consciousness, when you get into a spiritual approach to life, you are not trying to get someplace else.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Anytime you have a thought, for example, that excludes someone, if you have a religion that excludes someone, then you’ve really left God behind, and you’ve really left your source energy behind.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “You are always a valuable, worthwhile human being – not because anybody says so, not because you’re successful, not because you make a lot of money – but because you decide to believe it and for no other reason.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Don’t allow the approval and attention of others to destroy you.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “A true barometer of intelligence is an effective, happy life lived each day and each present moment of the day.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “You can sit there forever, lamenting about how bad you’ve been, feeling guilty until you die, and not one tiny slice of that guilt will do anything to change a single thing in the past. Forgive yourself, then MOVE ON!”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “You need to keep reminding yourself that you are a Divine piece of God. Feeling as if you’re unworthy of God’s abundance is the same as denying your spiritual essence.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Meditation. Any Time you Spend in Silence is Valuable.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “I am the reflection of my source which is magnificent in all ways.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “First, imagine taking the potentially regret – producing path of inaction. Then imagine what the very best outcome would be were you to take this risk. By picturing both scenarios in advance, you can avoid the regret of what might have been.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “As I look back at the entire tapestry of my life, I can see from the perspective of the present moment that every aspect of my life was necessary and perfect. Each step eventually led to a higher place, even though these steps often felt like obstacles or painful experiences.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “We believe we can’t attract to ourselves what we want because we think we are separate from God, and whether we are able to manifest anything is dependent upon whether God wants us to do that or not.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Resist Impulses to Label Yourself with Descriptions that Limit You in Any Way.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “There’s nothing that feels better than to do something nice for somebody. I mean nothing feels better.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “In the context of eternity, time doesn’t matter.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “The most important thing people can do is refuse to have any resistance to staying connected to their source. People resist being able to attract abundance into their lives.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “When you’re at peace, there’s no counterfeit freedom.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “You can victimize yourself by wallowing around in your own past.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “One of the reasons most people are not good at solving problems and manifesting or attracting into their life what they want is because their thoughts are always on what’s wrong and on what’s missing and on the problem.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Emotions are choices.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Take a few minutes of every day to fantasize about how you would wander, travel, or explore if you could.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Refuse to ever use the term ‘failure’ again about yourself or anyone else. Remind yourself that wehn things didn’t go as planned you didn’t fail, you only produced a result.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “When I get on the dance floor, my purpose in being on the dance floor is not to end up at another spot when the music stops. The purpose of the dance is to enjoy every step along the way.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “Know that you are part of a joyful Universe. Allow your romantic, ecstatic, blissful emotions to appear more frequently in your daily life. When you feel joy, experience it and express it! As the New Testament says, ‘Joy is the fruit of the Spirit.’”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “By referring to previous struggles and using them as reasons for not getting on with your life today, you’re assigning responsibility to the past for why you can’t be successful or happy in the present.”
Wayne W. Dyer Quote: “In interactions with others, instead of trying to be right, why don’t we try being kind?”
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