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Wendell Berry Quotes
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Wendell Berry Quote: “Young lovers see a vision of the world redeemed by love.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “Our present agriculture, in general, is not ecologically sustainable now, and it is a long way from becoming so. It is too toxic. It is too dependent on fossil fuels. It is too wasteful of soil, of soil fertility, and of water. It is destructive of the health of the natural systems that surround and support our economic life. And it is destructive of genetic diversity, both domestic and wild. So.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “I’d had the idea, once, that if I could get the chance before I died I would read all the good books there were. Now I began to see that I wasn’t apt to make it. This disappointed me, for I really wanted to read them all.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “His home is the emblem of his status, but it is not the center of his interest or of his consciousness. The history of our time has been to a considerable extent the movement of the center of consciousness away from home.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “In time, against conscience and even will, my grief for him began to include grief for myself. Sometimes I would get the feeling that I was going to waste. It was my life calling me to itself. It was the light that shines in darkness calling me back into time.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “We have bought unconditionally the economists’ line that competition and innovation would solve all problems, and that we would finally accomplish a technological end-run around biological reality and the human condition.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “She thought the human condition was a calculated insult to her personally, the fault of certain people in particular. If she wasn’t the president of the United States, or Mrs. Rockefeller, or at least happy, it was somebody else’s fault, not hers. Her stinger was always out.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “This is the story of my life, that while I lived it weighed upon me and pressed against me and filled all my senses to overflowing and now is like a dream dreamed.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “Why should anybody wait to do what is right until everybody does it? It is not ‘significant’ to love your own children or to eat your own dinner, either. But normal humans will not wait to love or eat until it is mandated by an act of Congress.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “A computer destroys the sense of historical succession, just as do other forms of mechanization... Certain farms contain hospitably the remnants and reminders of the forest or prairie that preceded them. It is possible even for towns and cities to remember farms and forests or prairies. All good human work remembers its history.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “Maybe the world is waiting for you to give yourself to it. Maybe it’s only then that things can work themselves out.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “I go free from the tasks and intentions of my workdays, and so my mind becomes hospitable to unintended thoughts: to what I am very willing to call inspiration.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “When you have gone too far, as I think he did, the only mending is to come home.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “I came to see myself as growing out of the earth like the other native animals and plants. I saw my body and my daily motions as brief coherences and articulations of the energy of the place, which would fall back into it like leaves in the autumn.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “I am not an optimist; I am afraid that I won’t live long enough to escape my bondage to the machines.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “A lifetime’s knowledge shimmers on the face of the land in the mind of a person who knows. The history of a place is the mind of an old man or an old woman who knows it.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “Why should anybody wait to do what is right until everybody does it?”
Wendell Berry Quote: “We cannot think about the future, of course, for the future does not exist: the existence of the future is an article of faith... We do not need to plan or devise a ‘word of the future’; if we take care of the world of the present, the future will have received full justice from us.”
Wendell Berry Quote: “Then their quarrels, as he knew or would know sooner or later in the course of them, were about duality: They were two longing to be one, or one dividing relentlessly into two.”
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