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Top 350 Will Durant Quotes (2023 Update)
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Will Durant Quote: “The world is not “my idea,” as Schopenhauer called it; it is a stern reality of which you and I are passing spawns.”
Will Durant Quote: “The idea of hell disappeared from educated thought, even from pulpit homilies. Presbyterians became ashamed of the Westminster Confession, which had pledged them to belief in a God who had created billions of men and women despite his foreknowledge that, regardless of their virtues and crimes, they were predestined to everlasting hell.”
Will Durant Quote: “To his alert mind and ears, every experience was education.”
Will Durant Quote: “Death is the origin of all religions, and perhaps if there had been no death there would have been no gods.”
Will Durant Quote: “Philosophy directs us first to seek the goods of the mind, and the rest will either be supplied, or not much wanted.”
Will Durant Quote: “A true empiricism is one that sets itself the task of getting as close as possible to the original, of sounding the depths of life, of feeling the pulse of its spirit by a sort of intellectual auscultation”; we “listen in” on the current of life. By direct perception we feel the presence of the mind; by intellectual circumlocution we arrive at the notion that thought is a dance of molecules in the brain. Is there any doubt that intuition here beholds more truly the heart of life?”
Will Durant Quote: “For as no perfect view of a country can be taken from a flat; so it is impossible to discover the remote and deep parts of any science by standing upon the level of the same science, or without ascending to a higher.”
Will Durant Quote: “A physician or engineer is free in his thoughts or his actions in the degree in which he knows what he deals with. Perhaps we find here the key to any freedom.”
Will Durant Quote: “After 1196 the vigorous merchant-aristocrats of Novgorod dominated the assembly that ruled the principality through its elected prince. The city-state was a free republic, and called itself “My Lord Novgorod the Great.” If.”
Will Durant Quote: “MAN is not willingly a political animal. The human male associates with his fellows less by desire than by habit, imitation, and the compulsion of circumstance; he does not love society so much as he fears solitude.”
Will Durant Quote: “Today there is a place called Egypt, but the Egyptian people are not masters there; long since they have been broken by conquest, and merged in language and marriage with their Arab conquerors; their cities know only the authority of Moslems and Englishmen, and the feet of weary pilgrims who travel thousands of miles to find that the Pyramids are merely heaps of stones.”
Will Durant Quote: “In philosophy, as in politics, the longest distance between two points is a straight line.”
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