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William Blake Quotes
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William Blake Quote: “O white-robed Angel, guide my timorous hand to write as on a lofty rock with iron pen the words of truth, that all who pass may read.”
William Blake Quote: “Men are admitted into heaven not because they have curbed or governed their passions, but because they have cultivate their understandings.”
William Blake Quote: “Harmony of colouring is destructive of art? it is like the smile of a fool.”
William Blake Quote: “He who shall teach the child to doubtThe rotting grave shall ne’er get out.”
William Blake Quote: “But if at church they would give some ale. And a pleasant fire our souls to regale. We’d sing and we’d pray all the live long day, Nor ever once from the church to stray.”
William Blake Quote: “Let men do their duty and the women will be such wonders; the female lives from the light of the male: see a male’s female dependants, you know the man.”
William Blake Quote: “What has reasoning to do with painting?”
William Blake Quote: “General good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocite, flatterer.”
William Blake Quote: “They solved the problem of coexistence through the use of individual stereo headphones.”
William Blake Quote: “Life delights in life.”
William Blake Quote: “He who sees the Infinite in all things sees God.”
William Blake Quote: “Every tear from every eyeBecomes a babe in eternity.”
William Blake Quote: “It is the greatest of crimes to depress true art and science.”
William Blake Quote: “Mercy, pity, and peace, Are the world’s release.”
William Blake Quote: “But when he has done this, let him not say that he knows better than his master, for he only holds a candle in sunshine.”
William Blake Quote: “None but blockheads copy each other.”
William Blake Quote: “He who sees the Infinite in all things sees God. He who sees the Ratio only sees himself only.”
William Blake Quote: “Colouring does not depend on where the colours are put, but on where the lights and darks are put, and all depends on form and outline, on where that is put.”
William Blake Quote: “He who will not bend to Love must be subdu’d by Fear.”
William Blake Quote: “Christ’s crucifix shall be made an excuse for executing criminals.”
William Blake Quote: “Eternity is in love with the productions of time. The busy bee has no time for sorrow. The hours of folly are measur’d by the clock, but of wisdom: no clock can measure.”
William Blake Quote: “I’m sure this Jesus will not do Either for Englishman or Jew.”
William Blake Quote: “The morning comes, the night decays, the watchmen leave their stations.”
William Blake Quote: “Invention depends altogether upon execution or organization; as that is right or wrong so is the invention perfect or imperfect.”
William Blake Quote: “Painters are noted for being dissipated and wild.”
William Blake Quote: “Lives in eternity’s sun rise.”
William Blake Quote: “Tyger! Tyger! Burning bright in the forests of the night...”
William Blake Quote: “Did he who made the lamb make thee?”
William Blake Quote: “Never seek to tell thy love; Love that never told can be.”
William Blake Quote: “Terrified at Non Existence, for such they deemd the death of the body, Los his vegetable hands outstretch’d; his right hand branching out in fibrous Strength siez’d the Sun; his left hand like dark roots cover’d the Moon, and tore them down, cracking the heavens across from immense to immense.”
William Blake Quote: “She who dwells with me whom I have loved with such communion, that no place on earth can ever be solitude to me.”
William Blake Quote: “Works of Art can only be produc’d in Perfection where the Man is either in Affluence or is Above the Care of it.”
William Blake Quote: “As I was walking among the fires of hell, delighted with the enjoyments of Genius.”
William Blake Quote: “Think in the morning. Act in the noon.”
William Blake Quote: “Down the winding cavern we groped our tedious way, till a void boundless as the nether sky appeared beneath us, and we held by the roots of trees and hung over this immensity; but I said: if you please we will commit ourselves to this void and see whether providence is here also.”
William Blake Quote: “I know that this world is a world of Imagination and Vision.”
William Blake Quote: “Vision is the end of religion.”
William Blake Quote: “Than you’ll see the world as it is : infinte.”
William Blake Quote: “To the eyes of a miser a guinea is more beautiful than the sun.”
William Blake Quote: “He who sees the Infinite in all things sees God. He who sees the Ratio only sees himself only. Therefore God becomes as we are, that we may be as he is.”
William Blake Quote: “The busy bee has no time for sorrow. The hours of folly are measur’d by the clock, but of wisdom: no.”
William Blake Quote: “My work is visionary or imaginative. That which can be made explicit to the idiot is not worth my care...”
William Blake Quote: “There is a place where Contrarieties are equally true. This place is called Beulah. it is a pleasant lovely Shadow, where no dispute can come, because of those who sleep.”
William Blake Quote: “The Learned, who strive to ascend into Heaven by means of learning, appear to Children like dead horses, when repelled by the celestial spheres.”
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