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William Faulkner Quotes
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William Faulkner Quote: “She is like all the rest of them. Whether they are seventeen or fortyseven, when they finally come to surrender completely, it’s going to be in words.”
William Faulkner Quote: “He thought that it was loneliness which he was trying to escape and not himself.”
William Faulkner Quote: “The only rule I have is to quit while it’s still hot. Never write yourself out. Always quit when it’s going good. Then it’s easier to take it up again. If you exhaust yourself, then you’ll get into a dead spell and you’ll have trouble with it.”
William Faulkner Quote: “In Europe, being an artist is a form of behavior. In America, it’s an excuse for a form of behavior.”
William Faulkner Quote: “He says it harshly, savagely, but he does not say the word. Like a little boy in the dark to flail his courage and suddenly aghast into silence by his own noise.”
William Faulkner Quote: “Women know more about words than men ever will. And they know how little they can ever possibly mean.”
William Faulkner Quote: “It wasn’t until the Nobel Prize that they really thawed out. They couldn’t understand my books, but they could understand $30,000.”
William Faulkner Quote: “So this is love. I see. I was wrong about it too’, thinking as he had thought before and would think again and as every other man has thought: how false the most profound book turns out to be when applied to life.”
William Faulkner Quote: “The phenomenon of war is its hermaphroditism: the principles of victory and of defeat inhabit the same body and the necessary opponent, enemy, is merely the bed they self-exhaust each other on.”
William Faulkner Quote: “There were many things I could do for two or three days and earn enough money to live on for the rest of the month. By temperament I’m a vagabond and a tramp.”
William Faulkner Quote: “Our windows were dark. The entrance was empty. I walked close to the left wall when I entered, but it was empty: just the stairs curving up into shadows echoes of feet in the sad generations like light dust upon the shadows, my feet waking them like dust, lightly to settle again. I.”
William Faulkner Quote: “A writer strives to express a universal truth in the way that rings the most bells in the shortest amount of time.”
William Faulkner Quote: “This world is not his world; this life his life.”
William Faulkner Quote: “I reckon a man in a tight might let Bill Varner patch him up like a mule, but I be damned if the man that’d let Anse Bundren treat him with raw cement aint got more spare legs than I have.”
William Faulkner Quote: “Man must have light. He must live in the fierce full constant glare of light, where all shadow will be defined and sharp and unique and personal: the shadow of his own singular rectitude or baseness. All human evils have to come out of obscurity and darkness, where there is nothing to dog man constantly with the shape of his own deformity.”
William Faulkner Quote: “Life wasn’t made to be easy on folks: they wouldn’t ever have any reason to be good and die.”
William Faulkner Quote: “He has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary.”
William Faulkner Quote: “I have but one rift in the darkness, that is that I have injured no one save myself by my folly, and that the extent of that folly you will never learn.”
William Faulkner Quote: “Maybe the only thing worse than having to give gratitude constantlyall the time, is having to accept it.”
William Faulkner Quote: “I don’t mean a 1905 Republican – I don’t know what his Tennessee politics were, or if he had any – I mean a 1961 Republican. He was more: he was a Conservative. Like this: a Republican is a mad who made his money; a Liberal is a man who inherited his; a Democrat is a barefooted Liberal in a cross-country race; a Conservative is a Republican who has learned to read and write.”
William Faulkner Quote: “Beyond the bordering weeds a fence strangled in limp dilapidation, and from the weeds beside it the handles of a plow stood at a gaunt angle while its shard rusted peacefully in the undergrowth, and other implements rusted half concealed there – skeletons of labor healed over by the earth they were to have violated, kinder than they.”
William Faulkner Quote: “It’s a comfortable thing, music is.”
William Faulkner Quote: “She has had a hard life, but so does every woman.”
William Faulkner Quote: “And so sometimes I would think how the devil had conquered God.”
William Faulkner Quote: “It was like something you have dreaded and feared and dodged for years until it seemed like all your life, then despite everything it happened to you and all it was was just pain, all it did was hurt and so it was all over, all finished, all right.”
William Faulkner Quote: “From time to time he would feel that acute surge go over him, like his blood was too hot all of a sudden, dying away into that warm unhappy feeling that fiddle music gave him.”
William Faulkner Quote: “My daily life is an acknowledgment and expiation of my sin.”
William Faulkner Quote: “The books I read are the ones I knew and loved when I was a young man and to which I return as you do to old friends.”
William Faulkner Quote: “To the man grown the long crowded mile of his boyhood becomes less than the throw of a stone.”
William Faulkner Quote: “She thought of them, woolly, shapeless; savage, petulant, spoiled, the flatulent monotony of their sheltered lives snatched up without warning by an incomprehensible moment of terror and fear of bodily annihilation at the very hands which symbolised by ordinary the licensed tranquillity of their lives.”
William Faulkner Quote: “About women? When I say soldiers I don’t mean me. I wasn’t no soldier anymore than a man that fixes watches is a watchmaker. And when I say women I don’t mean you.”
William Faulkner Quote: “We have to start teaching ourselves not to be afraid.”
William Faulkner Quote: “You will find that even injustice is scarcely worthy of what you believe yourself to be.”
William Faulkner Quote: “The writer’s only responsibility is to his art.”
William Faulkner Quote: “And when I think about that, I think that if nothing but being married will help a man, he’s durn nigh hopeless.”
William Faulkner Quote: “Like a fellow running from or toward a gun ain’t got time to worry whether the word for what he is doing is courage or cowardice.”
William Faulkner Quote: “Man the sum of his climatic experiences.”
William Faulkner Quote: “There remains yet something of honor and pride, of life.”
William Faulkner Quote: “Because if memory exists outside of the flesh it won’t be memory because it won’t know what it remembers so when she became not then half of memory became not and if I become not then all of remembering will cease to be. -Yes he thought Between grief and nothing I will take grief.”
William Faulkner Quote: “Not of exhaustion, but surrender, as though he had given over and relinquished completely that grip upon that blending of pride and hope and vanity and fear, that strength to cling to either defeat or victory, which is the I-Am, and the relinquishment of which is usually death.”
William Faulkner Quote: “Eating the business of eating inside of you space too space and time confused Stomach saying noon brain saying eat oclock.”
William Faulkner Quote: “He was working fast, yet thinking went slow enough. He knew why now. He knew now that thinking went slow and smooth with calculation, as oil is spread slowly upon a surface above a brewing storm.”
William Faulkner Quote: “Like any good optimist, I don’t expect the worst to happen. Only, like any optimist worth his salt, I like to go and look as soon as possible afterward jest in case it did.”
William Faulkner Quote: “You can be oblivious to the sound for a long while, then in a second of ticking it can create in the mind unbroken the long diminishing parade of time you didn’t hear.”
William Faulkner Quote: “Dalton Ames. Dalton Ames. Dalton Shirts. I thought all the time they were khaki, army issue khaki, until I saw they were of heavy Chinese silk or finest flannel because they made his face so brown his eyes so blue. Dalton Ames. It just missed gentility. Theatrical fixture. Just papier-mache, then touch. Oh. Asbestos. Not quite bronze.”
William Faulkner Quote: “They travelled crosstown now; the cab could rush fast down each block of the continuous alley, pausing only at the intersections where, to the right, canyonniched, the rumor of Grandlieu Street swelled and then faded in repetitive and indistinguishable turmoil, flicking on and past as though the cab ran along the rimless periphery of a ghostly wheel spoked with light and sound.”
William Faulkner Quote: “Maybe times are never strange to women: it is just one continuous monotonous thing full of the repeated follies of their menfolks.”
William Faulkner Quote: “She forced herself once more to think of nothing, to keep her consciousness immersed, as a little dog that one keeps under water until he has stopped struggling.”
William Faulkner Quote: “When folks wants a fellow, it’s best to wait till they sends for him, I’ve found.”
William Faulkner Quote: “The writer doesn’t need economic freedom. All he needs is a pencil and some paper.”
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