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William Hazlitt Quotes
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William Hazlitt Quote: “Defoe says that there were a hundred thousand country fellows in his time ready to fight to the death against popery, without knowing whether popery was a man or a horse.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Love may turn to indifference with possession.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “The Irish are hearty, the Scotch plausible, the French polite, the Germans good-natured, the Italians courtly, the Spaniards reserved and decorous – the English alone seem to exist in taking and giving offense.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Want of principle is power. Truth and honesty set a limit to our efforts, which impudence and hypocrisy easily overleap.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Men are in numberless instances qualified for certain things, for no other reason than because they are qualified for nothing else.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “A person who talks with equal vivacity on every subject, excites no interest in any. Repose is as necessary in conversation as in a picture.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “The world judge of men by their ability in their profession, and we judge of ourselves by the same test: for it is on that on which our success in life depends.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “There is a quiet repose and steadiness about the happiness of age, if the life has been well spent. Its feebleness is not painful. The nervous system has lost its acuteness. But, in mature years we feel that a burn, a scald, a cut, is more tolerable than it was in the sensitive period of youth.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Every one in a crowd has the power to throw dirt; none out of ten have the inclination.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “The true barbarian is he who thinks everything barbarous but his own tastes and prejudices.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “To be wiser than other men is to be honester than they; and strength of mind is only courage to see and speak the truth.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “That which anyone has been long learning unwillingly, he unlearns with proportional eagerness and haste.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “To be happy, we must be true to nature and carry our age along with us.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “We had rather do anything than acknowledge the merit of another if we can help it. We cannot bear a superior or an equal. Hence ridicule is sure to prevail over truth, for the malice of mankind, thrown into the scale, gives the casting weight.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “The player envies only the player, the poet envies only the poet.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “The mind revolts against certain opinions, as the stomach rejects certain foods.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Habit is necessary to give power.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “We trifle with, make sport of, and despise those who are attached to us, and follow those that fly from us.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “To expect an author to talk as he writes is ridiculous; or even if he did you would find fault with him as a pedant.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “To be forward to praise others implies either great eminence, that can afford to, part with applause; or great quickness of discernment, with confidence in our own judgments; or great sincerity and love of truth, getting the better of our self-love.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “The vain man makes a merit of misfortune, and triumphs in his disgrace.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Reflection makes men cowards.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “It is better to desire than to enjoy, to love than to be loved.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “The soul of conversation is sympathy.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “I am proud up to the point of equality; everything above or below that appears to me arrant impertinence or abject meanness.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “The number of objects we see from living in a large city amuses the mind like a perpetual raree-show, without supplying it with any ideas.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Our opinions are not our own, but in the power of sympathy. If a person tells us a palpable falsehood, we not only dare not contradict him, but we dare hardly disbelieve him to his face. A lie boldly uttered has the effect of truth for the instant.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “It is only those who never think at all, or else who have accustomed themselves to blood invariably on abstract ideas, that ever feel ennui.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “A man is a hypocrite only when he affects to take a delight in what he does not feel, not because he takes a perverse delight in opposite things.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Few things tend more to alienate friendship than a want of punctuality in our engagements. I have known the breach of a promise to dine or sup to break up more than one intimacy.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “We do not attend to the advice of the sage and experienced because we think they are old, forgetting that they once were young and placed in the same situations as ourselves.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Those are ever the most ready to do justice to others, who feel that the world has done them justice.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “The way to secure success is to be more anxious about obtaining than about deserving it.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “One is always more vexed at losing a game of any sort by a single hole or ace, than if one has never had a chance of winning it.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Anyone must be mainly ignorant or thoughtless, who is surprised at everything he sees; or wonderfully conceited who expects everything to conform to his standard of propriety.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “One truth discovered is immortal, and entitles its author to be so; for, like a new substance in nature, it cannot be destroyed.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “The truth is, we pamper little griefs into great ones, and bear great ones as well as we can.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “He will never have true friends who is afraid of making enemies.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Those who have had none of the cares of this life to harass and disturb them, have been obliged to have recourse to the hopes and fears of the next to vary the prospect before them.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Gallantry to women – the sure road to their favor – is nothing but the appearance of extreme devotion to all their wants and wishes, a delight in their satisfaction, and a confidence in yourself as being able to contribute toward it.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “It is easier taking the beaten path than making our way over bogs and precipices. The great difficulty in philosophy is to come to every question with a mind fresh and unshackled by former theories, though strengthened by exercise and information.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “The Princess Borghese, Bonaparte’s sister, who was no saint, sat to Canova as a reclining Venus, and being asked if she did not feel a little uncomfortable, replied, “No. There was a fire in the room.””
William Hazlitt Quote: “Painting for a whole morning gives one as excellent an appetite for one’s dinner, as old Abraham Tucker acquired for his by riding over Banstead Downs.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “A man who is determined never to move out of the beaten road cannot lose his way.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Society is a more level surface than we imagine. Wise men or absolute fools are hard to be met with, as there are few giants or dwarfs.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Pride is founded not on the sense of happiness, but on the sense of power.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Virtue steals, like a guilty thing, into the secret haunts of vice and infamy, clings to their devoted victim, and will not be driven quite away. Nothing can destroy the human heart.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “Affectation is as necessary to the mind as dress is to the body.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “The temple of fame stands upon the grave: the flame that burns upon its altars is kindled from the ashes of great men.”
William Hazlitt Quote: “No wise man can have a contempt for the prejudices of others; and he should even stand in a certain awe of his own, as if they were aged parents and monitors. They may in the end prove wiser than he.”
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