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Woodrow Wilson Quotes
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Woodrow Wilson Quote: “By ‘radical,’ I understand one who goes too far; by ‘conservative,’ one who does not go far enough; by ‘reactionary,’ one who won’t go at all.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Unless justice be done to others it will not be done to us.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “We are in the presence of a new organization of society. Our life has broken away from the past.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “It is not men that interest or disturb me primarily; it is ideas. Ideas live; men die.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “If there are men in this country big enough to own the government of the United States, they are going to own it.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “I believe that soldiers will bear me out in saying that both come in time of battle. I take it that the moral courage comes in going into the battle, and the physical courage in staying in.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Every great man of business has got somewhere a touch of the idealist in him.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “A man may be defeated by his own secondary successes.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Prosperity is necessarily the first theme of a political campaign.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “I have the feeling that he would rather see a good cause fail than succeed if he were not the head of it.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “All things come to him who waits.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “I want to re-echo my hope that we may all work together for a great peace as distinguished from a mean peace.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “That is Gladstone, the greatest statesman that ever lived. I intend to be a statesman, too.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Here lies, in a “horizontal” position The “outside” case of Peter Pendulum, watch-maker. He departed this life “wound up” In hopes of being “taken in hand” by his Maker, And of being thoroughly “cleaned, repaired” and “set a-going” In the world to come.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Absolute identity with one’s cause is the first and great condition of successful leadership.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “If I cannot retain my moral influence over a man except by occasionally knocking him down, if that is the only basis upon which he will respect me, then for the sake of his soul I have got occasionally to knock him down.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “If you think too much about being re-elected, it is very difficult to be worth re-electing.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “There is such a thing as man being too proud to fight. There is such a thing as a nation being so right that it does not need to convince others by force that it is right.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Every country is renewed out of the unknown ranks and not out of the ranks of those already famous and powerful and in control.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “My dream of politics all my life has been that it is the common business, that it is something we owe to each other to understand and discuss with absolute frankness.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Understanding is the soil in which grow all the fruits of friendship.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “There are blessed intervals when I forget by one means or another that I am President of the United States.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “We have not given science too big a place in our education, but we have made a perilous mistake in giving it too great a preponderance in method in every other branch of study.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “When the representatives of “Big Business” think of the people, they do not include themselves.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Open covenants of peace, openly arrived at.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “America is the place where you cannot kill your government by killing the men who conduct it.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “I believe in human liberty as I believe in the wine of life. There is no salvation for men in the pitiful condescension of industrial masters. Guardians have no place in a land of freemen.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Men grow by having responsibility laid upon them.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “We want the spirit of America to be efficient; we want American character to be efficient; we want American character to display itself in what I may, perhaps, be allowed to call spiritual efficiency – clear disinterested thinking and fearless action.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “The things that the flag stands for were created by the experiences of a great people. Everything that it stands for was written by their lives. The flag is the embodiment, not of sentiment, but of history.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Death comes along like a gas bill one can’t payand that’s all one can sayabout it.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “A little group of willful men, representing no opinion but their own, have rendered the great government of the United States helpless and contemptible.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “No government has ever been beneficent when the attitude of government was that it was taking care of the people. The only freedom consists in the people taking care of the government.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “I have long enjoyed the friendship and companionship of Republicans because I am by instinct a teacher, and I would like to teach them something.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “And while you bring all countries with you, you come with a purpose of leaving all other countries behind you – bringing what is best of their spirit, but not looking over your shoulders and seeking to perpetuate what you intended to leave behind in them.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “A presidential campaign may easily degenerate into a mere personal contest, and so lose its real dignity. There is no indispensable man.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Government is merely an attempt to express the conscience of everybody, the average conscience of the nation, in the rules that everybody is commanded to obey. That is all it is.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “The success of a party means little more than that the Nation is using the party for a large and definite purpose. It seeks to use and interpret a change in its own plans and point of view.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Generally young men are regarded as radicals. This is a popular misconception. The most conservative persons I ever met are college undergraduates. The radicals are the men past middle life.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “They do not need our praise. They do not need that our admiration should sustain them. There is no immortality that is safer than theirs. We come not for their sakes but for our own, in order that we may drink at the same springs of inspiration from which they themselves drank.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Interest does not tie nations together; it sometimes separates them. But sympathy and understanding does unite them.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “There’s not an idea in our heads that has not been worn shiny by someone else’s brains.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “There are times when words seem empty and only actions seem great. Such a time has come, and in the Providence of God America will once more have an opportunity to show the world that she was born to save mankind.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “The men who act stand nearer to the mass of man than the men who write; and it is in their hands that new thought gets its translation into the crude language of deeds.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Any man that resists the present tides that run in the world, will find himself thrown upon a shore so high and barren that it will seem he has been separated from his human kind forever.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “What is the use of voting? We know that the machines of both parties are subsidized by the same persons, and therefore it is useless to turn in either direction.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “I am so glad that I am young, so that I may give my youth to you.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “Americanism consists in utterly believing in the principles of America.”
Woodrow Wilson Quote: “We can afford to exercise the self-restraint of a really great nation which realizes its own strength and scorns to misuse it.”
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