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Yoko Ono Quote: “I want to incite people to loosen their oppression by giving them something to work with, to build on. They shouldn’t be frightened of creating themselves – that’s why I make things very open, with things for people to do.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “Love is what it takes to fly.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “All my concerts had no sounds in them; they were completely silent. People had to make up their own music in their minds!”
Yoko Ono Quote: “You can’t always measure the effects of activist work; you just have to wish and pray that the message gets through.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “The only way you can better John is by copying him exactly.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “I never thought, “I’m going to be an artist”. When I actually began to become successful in the art world I made it a point to say, ‘I am a dilettante, I am not a professional artist”, which is true.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “I never thought I would go into the dance charts.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “Many incredible artists die before they were famous.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “Artists and musicians of the Sixties were definitely into clothes.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “If you go back to all my albums, they’re all confessional.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “You know, something happened to me when I became 70. I started to feel a tremendous love for the human race, and life and this planet, the universe, the whole shebang.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “All I’m saying is that perhaps we can make a revolution without violence.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “The whole world is starting to realize that it was the most unwise thing for our society to have ignored women power, to run the society with male priorities.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “Luckily we never injected because both of us were totally scared about needles. So that probably saved us. And the other thing that saved us was our connection was not very good.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “I’m a very obsessive type. If I do get into it, I’ll soon be there 12 hours a day. I just don’t want to do that.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “When Orientals are attacked, they don’t hit back.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “In a way the new music showed things could be transformed by new channels of communication.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “There are things you can never take, no matter how strong you are.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “Our public officials have forgotten that they are ultimately accountable to the people who put them in office, that the information they keep in secrecy belongs to all of us.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “Rather than deal with problems in relationships, I’ve always moved on. That’s why I’m one of the very few survivors as a woman, you know.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “There’s a big difference between sending your art in a statement or something like that, and sending yourself there. When you send yourself somewhere, then you are sharing your information uncontrollably – like all yourself.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “I admire all people who are trying to be a good power in this chaotic world.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “And the more you are active about something you love, the world is going to be a better place.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “The art world was not initially really accepting my kind of work. I was ahead of my time.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “The cynicism that you have is not your real soul.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “I don’t particularly consider myself just an artist. I’m a woman – I’m a human being.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “I never wanted to be a professional artist; I think that’s limiting.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “I always thought that I was an important musician. If you don’t have that confidence, why would you go on and do it?”
Yoko Ono Quote: “I have to be pretty inclusive. I have to be pretty much inside of me rather than going out and finding out what people are doing. I don’t have the time to. I just listen to my mind, in a way.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “The thing is, even after the revolution, if people don’t have any trust in themselves, they’ll get new problems.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “Most of the fans of John Lennon and maybe John and Yoko are younger than me.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “Violence isn’t just a conceptual thing. it could happen to your kids.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “I see so many activists... who are artists because they feel that they have the power of communication.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “To have a relationship that is pure and passionate and beautiful – I think people are scared of having that now. Especially guys.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “Bad stories are written about me because the press knows they can make me into a weeping dog and few people will object.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “I don’t really believe in going with somebody to have tea and chat. I don’t do that. It’s just a waste of time.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “The Beatles were a group made up of four very complex men, and my small hand could not have broken these men up.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “All I can say is, it’s not very easy for a woman to be associated with The Beatles.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “We know that our cells are speaking to each other.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “Beatles was 20th-century folksong in the framework of capitalism; they couldn’t do anything different if they wanted to communicate within that framework.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “People are afraid of shadows. People are even more afraid of being in the shadow. But without a shadow, life will be two dimensional.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “Music is something that even when you close your eyes it gets into your body.”
Yoko Ono Quote: “Great Art is Great because it inspired you greatly. If it didn’t, no matter what the critics, the museums and the galleries say, it’s not great art for you.”
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