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Zadie Smith Quotes
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Zadie Smith Quote: “If she was more curt with her own family than a homeless man this only suggested that generosity was not an infinite quantity and had to be employed strategically where it was most needed.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Like many academics, Howard was innocent of the world. He could identify thirty different ideological trends in the social sciences, but did not really know what a software engineer was.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Novels are what I know, and the novel door in my personality is always open.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Thirty years – almost all of them really happy. That’s a lifetime, it’s incredible. Most people don’t get that. But maybe this is just over, you know? Maybe it’s over...”
Zadie Smith Quote: “This, after all, was the month in which families began tightening and closing and sealing; from Thanksgiving to the New Year, everybody’s world contracted, day by day, into the microcosmic single festive household, each with its own rituals and obsessions, rules and dreams. You didn’t feel you could call people. They didn’t feel they could phone you. How does one cry for help from these seasonal prisons?”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Like most children, theirs was a relation based on verbs, not nouns.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “But there have always been these people for whom rap language is more scandalous than the urban deprivation rap describes.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “I couldn’t afford to be offended.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “But equally you can’t fight for a freedom you’ve forgotten how to identify.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Archie says -Science- the same way he says -Modern-, as if someone has lent him the words and made him swear not to break them.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Mothers are urgently trying to tell something to their daughters, and this urgency is precisely what repels their daughters, forcing them to turn away. Mothers are left stranded, madly holding a lump of London clay, some grass, some white tubers, a dandelion, a fat worm passing the world through itself.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “And then she reverses direction and heads straight for Willesden Bookshop, an independent shop that rents space from the council and provides – no matter what Brent Council may claim – an essential local service. It is run by Helen. Helen is an essential local person. I would characterize her essentialness in the following way: ‘Giving the people what they didn’t know they wanted.’ Important category.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “At least then, we have the satisfaction of a little short-term pleasure instead of a lifetime of feeling inadequate.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “They were smooth and bright, and their timing was wonderful, and they were young and hilarious. It was really something to see, they thought, and this was why they spoke loudly and gestured, inviting onlookers to admire.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “You can feel bad... I mean, that’s not illegal.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Every genuinely literary style, from the high authorial voice to Foster Wallace and his footnotes-within-footnotes, requires the reader to see the world from somewhere in particular, or from many places. So every novelist’s literary style is nothing less than an ethical strategy – it’s always an attempt to get the reader to care about people who are not the same as he or she is.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Yes, sometimes it’s the strangers that sustain you.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Don’t mask self-doubt with contempt.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Beggars cannot be choosers.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “To her credit, though, Trace didn’t lose her famous temper, not at that moment. At eighteen she was already expert at the older woman’s art of fermenting rage, conserving it, for later use.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Maybe it doesn’t matter that life never blossomed into something larger than itself. Moored to the shore she set out from, as almost all women were, once.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “So I might say to her: look, the thing you have to appreciate is that we’d just been through a century of relativism and deconstruction, in which we were informed that most of our fondest-held principles were either uncertain or simple wishful thinking, and in many areas of our lives we had already been asked to accept that nothing is essential and everything changes – and this had taken the fight out of us somewhat.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “She measured time in pages. Half an hour, to her, meant ten pages read, or fourteen, depending on the size of the type, and when you think of time in this way there isn’t time for anything else.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “The mantra of the makeover junkie, sucking it in, letting it out; unwilling to settle for genetic fate; waiting instead for her transformation...”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Happy is the novelist,” claims Nabokov, “who manages to preserve an actual love letter that he received when he was young within a work of fiction, embedded in it like a clean bullet in flabby flesh and quite secure there, among spurious lives.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “But I was so much older then,” sang Archie mischievously, quoting a ten-year-old Dylan track, arching his head round the door, “I’m younger than that now.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “No matter what Jody did, she said nothing. She had learned how to talk some and leave some. She was a rut in the road. Plenty of life beneath the surface but it was kept beaten down by the wheels. Sometimes she stuck out into the future, imagining her life different from what it was. But mostly she lived between her hat and her heels, with her emotional disturbances like shade patterns in the woods – come and gone with the sun.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “The fate of the young man in his headphones, who faced a jail cell that very night, did not seem such a world away from his own predicament: an anniversary party full of academics.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “As a fact it was, in my mind, at one and the same time absolutely true and obviously untrue, and perhaps only children are able to accommodate double-faced facts like these.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “My phone buzzed so frequently it seemed to have an animal life of its own.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “The story was the price you paid for the rhythm.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “She was the kind of person who never gave you enough time to miss her.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “No one is more ingenious than the poor, wherever you find them. When you are poor every stage has to be thought through. Wealth is the opposite. With wealth you get to be thoughtless.” “I.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “A minute later, the young Turk and Howard parted on frosty terms, not much warmed by Howard’s twenty-pence tip, the only extra change he had in his pocket. It is on journeys like this – where one is so horribly misunderstood – that you find yourself longing for home, that place where you are entirely understood, for better or for worse.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “There were good and bad kinds of weakness in men, and she had come to the conclusion that the key was to know which kind you were dealing with.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “I could see what everyone was feeling, but I was not with them and could not feel it. “You.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Two people creating the time of their own lives, protected somehow by love, not ignorant of history but not deformed by it, either.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “He’d turned to me, red-faced, and asked: ‘If we were flying to Europe and you wanted to know what France was like, would it help if I described Germany?”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Here lie a man and a woman. The man is more beautiful than the woman. And for this reason there have been times when the woman has feared that she loves the man more than he loves her. He has always denied this.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “But singing isn’t just about belting it out, is it? It’s not just who has the most wobble or the highest note, no, it’s about phrasing, and being delicate, and getting just the right feeling from a song, the soul of it, so that something real happens inside you when a man opens his mouth to sing, and don’t you want to feel something real rather than just having your poor earholes bashed in?”
Zadie Smith Quote: “I couldn’t imagine her leaving this world without ripping its fabric.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “The middle of a novel is a state of mind. Strange things happen in it. Time collapses.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Yet Tracey was steadfast and loyal to his memory, far more likely to defend her absent father than I was to speak kindly of my wholly attentive one.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “You’re next. It’s the next thing. Next stop Kilburn Station. The doors fold inwards, urban insect closing its wings.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “This was one of the little ways in which he said sorry. They were meant to add up each day.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Involved is neither good nor bad. It is just a consequence of living, a consequence of occupation and immigration, of empires and expansion, of living in each other’s pockets... one becomes involved and it is a long trek back to becoming uninvolved.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Then they had gone outside, onto the steps, where a breeze lifted secondhand confetti.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “Porque el divorcio es eso: quitarle cosas que no ya no necesita a una persona a la que ya no quieres.”
Zadie Smith Quote: “We felt we had our place in time. What person on the earth doesn’t feel this way?”
Zadie Smith Quote: “This because it is never really very cold in England. It is drizzly, and the wind will blow; hail happens, and there is a breed of Tuesday in January in which time creeps and no light comes and the air is full of water and nobody really loves anybody, but still a decent jumper and a waxen jacket lined with wool is sufficient for every weather England’s got to give.”
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