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Alan Cohen Quotes
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Alan Cohen Quote: “You cannot instill joy. You can only find where it lives and bring it forth.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Anger is a call for awareness.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “People will pay me to feel the passion and energy I breathe into my career and creations.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “To think you know what is best for another person is an industrial-strength ego trip.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Everything that you need to succeed has been given to you.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “If someone thinks you can help or heal them, and you think you can’t, choose their faith over your doubt.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Don’t wait for the world to change. Change your mind about the world.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “People who do not need to please are irresistible because they radiate wholeness, a rare delicacy in a world of hungry hearts.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Love does not require you to make believe you are something you are not.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Giving in order to get is not giving.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “You give your power away when you make someone or something outside of you more important than what is inside of you.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “The fire of purpose easily melts the icicles of obstacles.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “If you have ever followed a rainbow to its end, it leads you to the ground on which you are standing.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “The only real knowledge is who you really are – a spiritual being created in the image in the likeness of a loving God. If you know that, everything you do will honor the wisdom and beauty you already own.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “The words “genius” and “genuine” derive from the same root. The core of genius is authenticity.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “The world would have you agree with its dismal dream of limitation. But the light would have you soar like the eagle of your sacred visions.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Will you ever run out of creative ideas and expressions? Ha! The more creative ideas you have, the more you will discover. Creativity is a tree with countless branches that never stop blossoming.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Happy people do not demand a lot from the world because their happiness proceeds from a place deeper than the world can touch.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “To seek greatness outside yourself is turn your back on the treasure within.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “You are destined to become the peer of those you most respect because the greatness you perceive in them is your own.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “There is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “What a doctor or healer tells you is a reflection of the beliefs and expectations you hold. Change your beliefs and you change the prognosis. Who is the doctor? The mind of the patient.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “When confronted with a situation that appears fragmented or impossible, step back, close your eyes, and envision perfection where you saw brokenness. Go to the inner place where there is no problem, and abide in the consciousness of well-being.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Anger is the ego’s way of cloaking fear to make what is frail seem formidable.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Money is your friend. Your body is your friend. Life is your friend.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Fantasy is often closer to reality than what most people accept as reality.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Blessed are those who are so naive that they do not know what they cannot do.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Since you are the one who has to live with your choices, be sure they are your own.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “You will find truth more quickly through delight than gravity. Let out a little more string on your kite.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “I’ve been a musician since I was nine. I think a ghost or goblin visited me in the night. Maybe aliens abducted me, or a divine figure sent me a spiritual memo. Who knows.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Give people permission to be who they are and they will love, thank, and respect you forever.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “All hatred of others is a reflection of self-hatred. All love of others is a reflection of self-love.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Rules are the offspring of fear. If everyone trusted and followed their true inner spirit, the world would function flawlessly.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “You can always tell what you believe by what you are getting.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “For everyone you create to be dependent on you, you are equally dependent on them. Neither relationship is healthy.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Waiting does not exist in the experience of those who recognize the presence of love wherever they are.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Enlightenment does not ask you to be perfect; it simply asks you to find perfection right where you stand.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Ask for peace first, and you will clearly see your next step.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Because fear is insatiable, everything that is insatiable is born of fear.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Your greatest contribution to helping other people live their destiny is for you to live your own.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Laughter lifts us over high ridges and lights up dark valleys in a way that makes life so much easier. It is a priceless gem, a gift of release and healing direct from Heaven.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “We can look at any experience in two ways: through the eyes of lack, or the eyes of plenty. Fear sees limits, while love sees possibilities. Each attitude will be justified by the belief system you cherish. Change your allegiance from fear to love, and love will sustain you wherever you walk.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Kindness to self will put you in the perfect attitude and position to be kind to others.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “We attain freedom as we let go of whatever does not reflect our magnificence.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “The Key to a healthy “no” is to remember the “yes” that the “no” is making space for.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Affirmations are more powerful than requests, for they remind you that you already have what you seek.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Our noblest purpose in life is to remember our spiritual nature in the face of suggestions that we are a material society.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Anyone in a state of seeking can never be happy. Only those who are constantly finding are fulfilled. And finding is not something that happens to us – it is something we do.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “The world you see is less of an indication about the world and more of an indication about your seeing.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Great masters merit emulation, not worship.”
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