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Alan Cohen Quotes
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Alan Cohen Quote: “In the end, we shall recognize our song and sing it well. You may feel a little warbly at the moment, but so have all the great singers. Just keep singing and you’ll find your way home.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “If you are losing your peace in your quest for peace, you are not on the road to peace. The road to peace is peace.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Anxiety is a sign that you have made up a story contrary to reality. Love does not fear.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “There is nothing missing.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “The more you live by external shoulds, the farther you drift from the power inherent in your own spirit.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Anything you believe you have to do or become before you can be free is a denial and distraction from the truth that you are already free.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Great masters neither want nor need your worship. Your greatest gift to them and yourself is to emulate their divinity by claiming it as your own.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “We learn early on that, in order to be a winner, you have to believe in yourself. You have to have the confidence to make things happen. And you have to have personal pride.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Any attempt to improve on God’s creation will distance you from God’s creation.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Affirmations are more powerful than requests, for they remind you that you already have what you seek.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Keeping your commitment to your purpose does not depend on other people keeping theirs.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Successful people pay more attention to their visions and goals than to history and the opinions of others.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “If you act anxiously to hasten your results, you delay their arrival. Calm poise reveals the shortest route home.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “What you go through is nothing compared to who you are.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Evaluate every act by whether it brings you greater life, or deadens you.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Every musician I have ever heard has influenced me. I often find I emulate micro-aspects of an artist, and combine it to form something new and unique.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “No one can bother you unless you agree with them.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “As soon as you become aware that something is not working, immediately shift your focus to the desired result.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “The difficulties of life do not keep you from greatness. They show you to its door.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Only the ego resists egos. The spirit may notice egos, but sees beyond them and does not engage with them.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “All of your errors have not built a wall against your success. They have paved your way to it.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Integrity is a high rock above which the stormy ocean of worldly troubles cannot rise.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “The people who are successful are those who are grateful for everything they have.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Do not wait for the future to be happy. You are happy now, or you are not.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Completion is an attitude, not an event.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Why wait for your ship to come in when you are already on it?”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Put aside ambition for public recognition, and simply do what you do because it feels good inside.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “I tend to write songs fast, so the process usually only lasts around 30 minutes. In the studio is where I really can artistically breathe, and let my ideas flow.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “You do not need to import greatness from another; you just need to act on your own.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “The images we impress upon our mind, especially when accompanied by emotion, yield the same experience whether they are true or fictional.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Life does not control you. What you believe about it, does.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Teach yourself freedom with the same zeal that the world has taught you limits.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “You can only see in someone else what you see in yourself.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Be grateful, then, that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, or fed up with what is not feeding you. Toleration of dysfunction only keeps it in force. Refuse to put up with what is not working, and you will find your way to your perfect place in the Great Design.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Grace is the state of being in which we are loved unconditionally and all that we need is provided for us by the benevolent hand of God.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “You change the past when you change the way you see it.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Those who recognize their innocence do not expect, receive, or accept punishment from any outside source.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “After you have made your commitment to say no to what no longer serves you, you will probably be invited to demonstrate that you really mean it.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Humility moves more mountains than arrogance.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “The same source that gave you the idea, will give you the means to see it through.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Quit using your creative power to formulate questions. You can just as easily – more easily – use it to formulate answers.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Every experience empowers you twice: First when you enter into it with a whole heart, and again when you leave it with a whole heart.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Spirit is a more accurate measure of success than the ruler.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Everything you think, feel, say, and do contains seeds of more of itself.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “If you are a misfit in one place, you will be a great fit in another.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “Eternity does not start after you die; it begins when you really live.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “No one is too busy to do what they actually prefer.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “It’s not more time you need. It’s more quality use of the time you already have.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “You always have energy to do what you are passionate about.”
Alan Cohen Quote: “The Tao, which is the Force, is fully present, alive, and unassailable by the illusions that cloud our vision as we plod through a world of shadows and distortions.”
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