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Top 30 Amin Maalouf Quotes (2024 Update)

Amin Maalouf Quote: “What makes me myself rather than anyone else is the very fact that I am poised between two countries, two or three languages, and several cultural traditions. It is precisely this that defines my identity. Would I exist more authentically if I cut off a part of myself.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “I am the son of the road, my country is a caravan and my life is the most unexpected of voyages. i belong to earth and to the god and it is to them that I will one day soon return.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Some women’s arms are places of exile; others are a native land.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Time has two faces, Khayyam said to himself. It has two dimensions, its length is measured by the rhythm of the sun but its depth by the rhythm of passion.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “But I come from no country, from no city, no tribe. I am the son of the road, my country is the caravan, my life the most unexpected of voyages.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “We live in the age of the secret and of fear. You must have two faces. Show one to the crowd, and keep the other for yourself and your Creator. If you want to keep your eyes, your ears and your tongue, forget that you have them.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “I no more believe in simplistic solutions than I do in simplistic identieties. The world is a complex machine that can’t be dismantled with a srewdriver. But that shouldn’t prevent us from observing, from trying to understand, from discussing, and sometimes suggesting a subject for reflection.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “We are not just visitors on this planet, it belongs to us just as we belong to her, its past is ours, so is its future.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Never hesitate to go far away, beyond all seas, all frontiers, all countries, all beliefs.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Merasa diperlakukan tidak adil kadang bisa menimbulkan luka, tetapi kadang juga bisa menyembuhkan luka, dan bahkan kadang juga bisa membunuh orang yang merasakannya. Tetapi bagi wanita, perasaan itu lebih sering menjadi alasan yang kuat untuk bertahan.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “If You punish with evil the evil I have done, tell, what is the difference between You and me?”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Next to your beloved, Khayyam, how alone you are! Now that she is gone, you can take refuge in her.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “La riqueza no se mide por las cosas que se poseen sino por aquellas de las que sabemos prescindir.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “What’s a year in comparison with eternity? what’s a day? an hour? a second? Such measures have meaning only for a heart that’s still beating.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “All violence here is born of fear.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Eger onundeki kapilar bir daha yuzune kapanacak olursa, hayatinin sona ermedigini dusun. Sona eren sey yalnizca hayatlarinin birincisidir ve digeri baslamak uzere sabirsizlanmaktadir. O zaman bir gemiye bin, seni bekleyen bir kent vardir.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “I look at the world and my own life as if I were a stranger. I wish for nothing, except perhaps that time would stop.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Life is like a fire. Flames which the passer-by forgets. Ashes which the wind scatters. A man lived.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Let your tears roll tonight, but tomorrow you will start the battle again. What defeats us, always, is just our own sorrow.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “People sometimes imagine that just because they have access to so many newspapers, radio and TV channels, they will get an infinity of different opinions. Then they discover that things are just the opposite: the power of these loudspeakers only amplifies the opinion prevalent at a certain time, to the point where it covers any other opinion.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Why should we take the diversity of human cultures less seriously than the diversity of animal or plant species? Ought not our just desire to preserve our environment extend to the human environment itself? Our world would be a dreary place, both from the natural and from the cultural point of view, if the only surviving species were those we consider “useful,” together with a few we judge to be decorative or that have acquired symbolic value.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Hatte ich nicht hinter der Legende die Wahrheit gesucht? Als ich den Kern der Wahrheit erreicht zu haben glaubte, da war er Legende.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Don’t be so timid! When you were a child, didn’t you speak out the truth that the oldest ones kept secret? Well, you were right then. You must find the time of innocence in yourself again, because that was also the time of courage.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Our ancestors are our children; we peer through a hole in the wall and watch them play in their rooms, and they can’t see us.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “You could read a dozen large tomes on the history of Islam from its very beginnings and you still wouldn’t understand what is going on in Algeria. But read 30 pages on colonialism and decolonisation and then you’ll understand quite a lot.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Virtue becomes unhealthy if it is not softened by some misdemeanors, and faith quickly becomes cruel if is not subdued by certain doubts.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “The twentieth century will have taught us that no doctrine in itself is necessarily a liberating force: all of them may be perverted or take a wrong turning; all have blood on their hands – communism, liberalism, nationalism, each of the great religions, and even secularism. Nobody has a monopoly on humane values.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Nothing is born of nothing, least of all knowledge, modernity, or enlightened thought; progress is made in tiny surges, in successive laps, like an endless relay race. But there are links without which nothing would be passed on, and for that reason, they deserve the gratitude of all who benefited from them.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “What we need to do is enter sensibly into an age of liberty and peaceful diversity, casting aside the injustices of the past without replacing them by new ones or by other kinds of exclusion or intolerance, and recognising the right of everyone to include several linguistic allegiances within his own identity.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “Doctrines are meant to serve man, not the other way around.”
Amin Maalouf Quote: “In my prayers, I want to say: Lord, don’t be far from me, and also don’t come too close. Let me contemplate the stars on the texture of your cloth, but don’t unveil your face to me. Allow me to hear the rivers that you send running, but Lord! Lord! Don’t allow me hearing your voice.”
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