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Amit Ray Quotes
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Amit Ray Quote: “Om Mani Padme Hum is the mantra of love and compassion. It is the mantra of awakening the collective consciousness. It is the mantra of connecting with the Universal Consciousness.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Quantum coherence in the ion channels of the neurons and the neural circuits in the brain creates the decision behaviors and quantum cognition.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Indian Nadi System of Medicine is not much part of traditional Ayurveda, Unani, or yoga but part of a few ancient oral and family medicine traditions of India.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Artificial intelligence is the key tool for building large scale compassionate society with compassionate legal system, educational system, political system, journalism, economic system and healthcare system.”
Amit Ray Quote: “The purpose of karma yoga is to transcend the bondage of selfish genes through the service of others.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Any type of violence is against God, against religion, against spirituality, against humanity, and against nature. Maturity comes only through non-violence, love, and all-inclusiveness.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Meditation is spending time with the self. It is the time to be intimated with the soul.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Every moment is right moment for taking right decision and right action.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Look the world through the eyes of a mother. Enlightenment gives you the power to see the world in the eyes of a loving mother. See the world through the lens of forgiveness, gratefulness and carefulness.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Our job is to radiate more peace and more pure vibrations in the world. So that when we leave the planet, it is full of pure waves of peace, love and life.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Vinayak chakra and the atharvha chakra are the two vital chakras for longevity and immunity. They strengthen the B cells of the immune system.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Every crisis demands self-discipline, patience, early adaptation and adjustment to the changing situation.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Mantra science deals with power of words, thought vibrations, concentrations, visualization, manifestation, with the structure of mind, matter, energy, consciousness and the interactions between the fundamental constituents of the observable universe and the beyond.”
Amit Ray Quote: “In our life there is one side which is finite and another side which is infinite. I want you to think about both the sides and design the best life and stand in their true values.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Karma yoga is giving food to the hungry, clothes to the needy, shelter to the homeless, education to the uneducated, medicine to the sick, and trees and cleanliness to the environment.”
Amit Ray Quote: “An university is judged by the beauty of its tree lines.”
Amit Ray Quote: “And suddenly you realize: you are in every dot of the universe vanishing and arising.”
Amit Ray Quote: “By quieting externally, you gain the space internally. Life is a flow – it goes on. Good or bad, it will always change.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Danger of excessive nationalism is nuclear annihilation. Danger of globalism is the eradication of local values and cultures. Greatness can only be realized in the middle path.”
Amit Ray Quote: “PTSD and ADHD happen due to excessive unconscious access to the pain body. You can come out of that by accessing the bliss body through meditation.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Believe in yourself and be the source of joy in someone else’s life.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Enlightenment is the ultimate nourishment for body, mind, and soul. It is the ultimate freedom and ecstasy of life.”
Amit Ray Quote: “You need bravery because in the picture of soul, the bravery points are the most beautiful.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Simulating the behavior of 100 billion neurons of human brain is not feasible by classical computer but quantum machine learning promises to fulfill that requirement.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Conscious breathing is the best antidote to stress, anxiety and depression.”
Amit Ray Quote: “The science of prayer is reprogramming your subconscious mind and the art of prayer is connecting with the higher Self.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Mindfulness removes the emotional fogs of negative thoughts with the light of awareness.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Hugging a tree, understanding the language of trees and sending loving kindness to trees will make you rich. Because it connects you to the source – the source of abundance.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Compassion by design can be the part of new social robots, drone based warfare robots and the new cyborgs. Dehumanization or degrading human quality or developing negative attitudes towards any human group should not be allowed through our DeepCompassion algorithms and frameworks. The superhumanization algorithms will try to empower the robots and the cyborgs with super positive qualities of compassion, caring and high human values.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Peacefully protest for justice, transformational change and human rights are the heartbeats of democracy.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Compassionate AI can help people who are suffering in the prison for years, due to lack of legal support, money and education.”
Amit Ray Quote: “There is a music of the universes in every heart.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Bhramari Om Chanting or Humming Om chanting sends positive messages to the brain and the cells in our body and can actually reprogram our health and behavior.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Breathe out unwanted thoughts with your exhale and re-focus your attention directly on what is important right now, at this moment.”
Amit Ray Quote: “One cannot transcend the body or mind just by repeating the mantra “I am not the body and I am not the mind”.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Mind knows the questions, soul knows the answers.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Mindfulness is observing and asking why. Millions saw the apple fall but Newton asked why.”
Amit Ray Quote: “In every bend of time there is some surprise, joy and beauty. Mindfulness is the light to discover it.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Walk together. Feel the heart beats. Experience the presence. This is how to be thankful.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Enlightenment is radiating peace and harmony from every cell, every gene and every DNA of our body.”
Amit Ray Quote: “If you carry a weapon, war will follow you. If you carry a smile, love will knock at your door.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Spirituality is all about connection – connection with inner self and the Self that is in every being.”
Amit Ray Quote: “You have planted many seeds in the garden of possibilities. Meditation is the art removing the weeds from the garden of possibilities.”
Amit Ray Quote: “There are two types of cleanliness: organic cleanliness and chemical cleanliness. Often chemical cleanliness is toxic and harmful. Natural or organic cleanliness focus on maintaining harmony with nature.”
Amit Ray Quote: “In the path of compassion even if we can save an insect that has a huge impact on the cosmos.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Consciousness is not just interaction of neurotransmitters in the brain it has also some quantum cosmic component.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Mindfulness is not a mechanical process. It is developing a very gentle, kind, and creative awareness to the present moment.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Unless you challenge yourself, you cannot grow. Mindful leadership is the art of growing by challenging the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imposed limits on the self.”
Amit Ray Quote: “Deep down, nature is inherently peaceful, calm and beautiful. The universe as a whole is perfect. The chaos is on the surface.”
Amit Ray Quote: “The greatest luxury of life is peaceful breathing because it repairs the wounds of the cosmic soul.”
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