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Angelina Jolie Quotes
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Angelina Jolie Quote: “Acting is not pretending or lying. It’s finding a side of yourself that’s the character and ignoring your other sides. And there’s a side of me that wonders what’s wrong with being completely honest.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “On second marriage: It took me by surprise, too, because overnight, we totally changed. I think one day we had just nothing in common. And it’s scary but I think it can happen when you get involved and you don’t know yourself yet.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “At the end of the day I’m gonna be dead one day, and what people say about me is going what I accomplished and what I did in my life and how my children are. And I don’t think it’s gonna be what was printed in the tabloids this year.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I like everything. Boyish girls, girlish boys, the heavy and the skinny. Which is a problem when I’m walking down the street.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “Sometimes I think my husband is so amazing that I don’t know why he’s with me. I don’t know whether I’m good enough. But if I make him happy, then I’m everything I want to be.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I don’t see myself as beautiful, because I can see a lot of flaws. People have really odd opinions. They tell me I’m skinny, as if that’s supposed to make me happy.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I approached UNHCR because I believe in what the United Nations. I believe refugees are the most vulnerable people in the world. They are affected by everything, including landmines. They are vulnerable to everything.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I like someone who is a little crazy but coming from a good place. I think scars are sexy because it means you made a mistake that led to a mess.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’ve never lived my life in the opinion of others. I believe I’m a good person. I believe I’m a good mom. But that’s for my kids to decide, not for the world.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I don’t really send text messages. I rarely carry my phone. I occasionally check messages at the end of the night, but I don’t carry it around.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I felt beautiful when I was in Cambodia for Tomb Raider. I was sweaty, and my hair was matted and all over the place. And I was happy and hot and accomplishing a lot and running around, and I could feel my heart beating, and I felt beautiful.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I have men in my life. I have a brother. So Maddox will have male teachers. I was raised without a father.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I didn’t even know my bra size until I made a movie.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “Never send a boy to do a woman’s job.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I wish I could find people who just would fight me and break through to me and hold me down and scream their life into my face.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “The center of my life is my kids, I woke up at 3 in the morning with four kids with jet lag and two babies. I put myself together for a few hours and go out. And then I go home. This is my job.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “On marriage to Jonny Lee Miller: It comes down to timing. I think he’s the greatest husband a girl could ask for. I’ll always love him, we were simply too young.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I eat steamed sea bass and vegetables, and I have no sugar, and only drink soy milk.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I never felt settled or calm. You can’t really commit to life when you feel that.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “The fact is I am not having sex. But I feel absolutely ripe for the, what would you say? plucking?”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “We cannot close ourselves off to information and ignore the fact that millions of people are out there suffering.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I don’t understand why some things are talked about and others are not. I don’t know why I think I can make any kind of difference. All I know is that I want to.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “When I was growing up I wanted to adopt, because I was aware there were kids that didn’t have parents. It’s not a humanitarian thing, because I don’t see it as a sacrifice. It’s a gift. We’re all lucky to have each other.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “What’s going to be funny is when they think Mom and Dad are a little bit cool, because right now, we’re not cool Mom and Dad.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “It’s just such a freeing thing to set these great challenges for yourself, to travel, to learn more about the world, to just go out there and get crazy and get free and get strong.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “He’s amazing. He’s a really dedicated father. I feel very blessed that every day I wake up and I live with my favourite people in the world, as well as my best friend.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “The cost of testing for BRCA1 and BRCA2, at more than $3,000 in the United States, remains an obstacle for many women.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I know my children will never have to say, ‘Mom died of ovarian cancer.’”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’m getting a wrinkle above my eyebrow because I just can’t stop lifting it, and I love that you know.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “The older ones recently saw Mr and Mrs Smith and I think they thought that was the funniest thing they’d ever seen because, of course, watching your parents fight as spies is some strange sort of childhood fantasy.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “All women do have a different sense of sexuality, or sense of fun, or sense of like what’s sexy or cool or tough.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “What decides where we are born and into what kind of life and why?”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “Oh, God, I struggle with low self-esteem all the time! I think everyone does. I have so much wrong with me, it’s unbelievable!”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I want to be outspoken. I want to say my opinions and I hope they’re taken in the right way. I don’t want to stop being free. And I won’t.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’m looking very much forward to growing older. I want to be an exhausted older woman but with a very full life behind me and one still going.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “If every choice you make comes from an honest place, you’re solid, and nothing anybody can say about you can rock you or change your opinion.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’m not somebody that thinks about destiny and fate, but I don’t walk away from it when something unfolds.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’m much happier and more fulfilled than I thought I would ever be, especially when I was going through a lot of grief when I was younger. I hope it lasts.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “Its just person after person in every different country that has a life that I can’t even imagine and has gone through horror that I can’t even imagine.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “They’re right to think that about me, because I’m the person most likely to sleep with my female fans, I genuinely love other women. And I think they know that.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “It’s the greatest thing that ever happened in my life, my son.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I guess that I’ve always wanted to be a Bond villain.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I take my kids to school and if I go to work they visit me on set, I come home. I have dinner with my family. I have breakfast with my family. I have a very solid, a very warm home. I’m fortunate.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “My role as goodwill ambassador has made my work as a film star relatively dull. I can’t find anything that interests me enough to go back to work. I’m simply not excited about anything. I’m not excited about going to a film set.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’ve often felt unattractive or different looking. As I’ve grown up, I’ve felt more comfortable in my own skin. It may sound cliche, but when you feel beautiful and strong on the inside, it shows on the outside.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I think I should learn French and be a better cook – basic, really good life stuff.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “It makes me feel like a woman. It makes me feel that all the things about my body are suddenly there for a reason. It makes you feel round and supple, and to have a little life inside you is amazing.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’d like there to be less refugees. I’d like all girls to go to school. That’s what we need to be thinking about, and working on making our own families good and strong and our own kids happy.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “Most nights, someone ends up in our bed. The kids do knock before entering. We’ve at least got that part down because mommy and daddy need some space.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I went through what I imagine thousands of other women have felt. I told myself to stay calm, to be strong, and that I had no reason to think I wouldn’t live to see my children grow up and to meet my grandchildren.”
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