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Angelina Jolie Quotes
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Angelina Jolie Quote: “But we survived, and we’re a good family. I just don’t want to dedicate one more tear, or watch my mother cry one more time.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “Not many people know this about me, but I’m a natural blonde. My hair went from light blonde naturally to a darker kind of blonde. My mother dyed my hair dark when I was a child, as I loved the look then. So I’m basically a natural blonde.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “Just start off with the same goals in mind. If you have the same values, same goals then you’ll be on track for the same future.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I want to work; then, as my kids get older, I want to have adventures. I want to visit all their countries: learn and live inside all their cultures.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “All of us would like to believe that if we were in a bad situation someone would help us.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’ve realized that being happy is a choice. You never want to rub anybody the wrong way or not be fun to be around, but you have to be happy. When I get logical and I don’t trust my instincts – Thats when I get in trouble.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I don’t see myself as beautiful, because I can see a lot of flaws.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I always hate speculation on the news, so I don’t want to be somebody who speculates.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’m still having trouble convincing Pax that underwear and pants go together – underwear is not pants!”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I don’t think the money people in Hollywood have ever thought I was normal, but I am dedicated to my work and that’s what counts.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “War is so complex; human nature is so complex. There’s no filmmaker who has ever figured it out perfectly.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “In Africa, we were around thousands of people who have seen a lot of poverty, but they were fun at the end of the day.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I ’ve been married so much in my life that I never really had lovers, so it’s been a fun time. Hopefully the men are enjoying it as well.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “If you become aware of a public self, you’re in danger of becoming a very artificial person.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “Some people go shopping – I cut myself.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’m hopeful that increased awareness of the issues in Africa will bring about a new wave of progress and activism among young people everywhere.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’m always doing something. I never shut my brain off.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I believe the only people that should be around a child and raising a child are people who absolutely, 100 percent love that child.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “Acting helped me as I was growing up. It helped me learn about myself, helped me travel, helped me understand life, express myself, all those wonderful things. So I’m very, very grateful; it’s a fun job. It’s a luxury.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “Like most people, you listen to yourself on the phone or an answering machine and you’re like, ‘Ugh.’ So to do something with just your voice is hard.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’d go from film to film and almost detach from one world and jump in another. I was living as these people and not having a self. I didn’t know who I was. And things just get really dark.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I have to concentrate on my son. That’s why I have lovers right now and not a boyfriend. I don’t want my son to start calling somebody Daddy unless that person’s gonna stay.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “The great thing about having a bunch of kids is that they just remind you that you’re the person who takes them to go poop. That’s who you are!”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “And I didn’t know what that meant for a long time. It was only when I began to travel and look and live beyond my home that I understand my responsibility to others.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I never save things and I never take pictures. I wanna live in the moment. I don’t wanna be focusing on the past.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I think we should try to be responsible and educate ourselves. I’m simply doing that and traveling, learning first hand, and seeing first hand what’s going on.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I think it’s easier to play when you do have a balanced home. I think if I did have alcoholism in my personal life, or my mother, or somebody close to me, it might have been much more uncomfortable to get in there.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I think as a human being, as a mother, as someone who works internationally, I needed desperately to know a man like Louis Zamperini in my life, to know that there is hope.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “Once you have six children, you’re committed.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “Films that I want to do are few and far between.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “First thing in the morning, we’re really tired, and we look at each other and we wonder, ‘Are we ever going to get sleep?’ And yet, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get sleep. It’s an honor to take care of them.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “There doesn’t need to be a God for me.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “It’s been a lifetime ambition of mine to play an 007 villain.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “There’s people constantly asking you for something on set, so the multi-tasking of motherhood transfers very well to being a director. And I think you’re compassionate.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I think doing anything having to do with war, you walk away so very grateful for everything you have and the safety that you have.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “You know, more children die under the age of five when the parents are not educated.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I think if you make a good movie, people walk away arguing.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “On the superficiality of the industry: We are setting an example of what we think is beautiful and you really want to put that much make up on me?”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I grew up with my career being thrust upon me. It took me a long time to believe that I could do more than that one aspect of our business.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I entered this business before I had focus and purpose in my life. I was very unhappy, very unhealthy, and when I sat down for an interview, I didn’t know why. I felt like I didn’t have anything to share. It was a very empty time.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’m shy to call myself a director still. When someone says, ‘What do you do for a living?’ I don’t know if I’ve earned that.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “It is not where you start out in life that counts the most, it is how you choose to face it.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I notice that my characters go out to dinner and have fun and take these great trips, but I spend so much time on their lives, I don’t have much of a personal life of my own. I have to sort of remember to fill out that little notebook on me.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’m able to be very effective because I’m not a Democrat, I’m not a Republican. So, I’m not tied, and I’d never want to be tied to anything, to some constituency that I would have to answer to.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I loved being on the other side of the camera. I loved watching another actress in the spotlight, do an extraordinary job, and I loved making her beautiful and interesting, protecting her emotions, and showing people her talent.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’m just glad I was able to return to some of that innocence and beauty I had as a child when I started my own family, and my children brought me back some of that spirit.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I’ve had a wonderful career and I’m very happy to have had all of the opportunities that I’ve had to tell stories and work for as long as I have. I’m sure there’ll be a few more films but I’m happy that I’m able to be selective.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I think I’ll be working a lot less as I get older.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “I think all women go through periods where we hate this about ourselves, we don’t like that. It’s great to get to a place where you dismiss anything you’re worried about. I find flaws attractive. I find scars attractive.”
Angelina Jolie Quote: “This script was just so much smarter than usual and I’m just fascinated by human behavior.”
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