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Top 150 Annie Lennox Quotes (2023 Update)
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Annie Lennox Quote: “When you go to Africa, and you see children, they’re usually barefoot, dirty and in rags, and they’d love to go to school.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Success breeds the excitement to continue going.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I love to be individual, to step beyond gender.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Fashion is temporary; fashion is a race. What it’s doing is giving you something that you say, “This is the outer wrapping of me.” Style is something else. It’s not quantifiable. Fashion is about selling. Fashion is about what’s in. Style is independent of that; style is individual.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Twerking is not feminism. Thats what I’m referring to. It’s not – it’s not liberating, it’s not empowering. It’s a sexual thing that you’re doing on a stage; it doesn’t empower you. That’s my feeling about it.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “We all come from women, and there’s something extraordinary about the mothers who raised us.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I think Scotland could take a stand in a wonderful way, ecologically and morally and ethically.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I don’t take myself as seriously as some people think, and I’d hate anyone to think I was preaching. That’s the last thing I want.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “It’s hard to tell how far women’s individuality has come in the past twenty years.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “As a mother, you have that impulse to wish that no child should ever be hurt, or abused, or go hungry, or not have opportunities in life.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I have different hats; I’m a mother, I’m a woman, I’m a human being, I’m an artist and hopefully I’m an advocate. All of those plates are things I spin all the time.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “It’s a very telling thing when you have children. You have to be there for them, you’ve got to set an example, when you’re not sure what your example is, and anyway the world is changing so fast you don’t know what is appropriate anymore.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “If you come face to face with some really challenging situations and tragic circumstances – you are going in there with a purpose. You are not going in there as a tourist.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “When you get to be nearly 60, you do take stock. You don’t know what’s around the corner.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I’m a female but I have a masculine side and I’m not going to negate that part of myself.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I sang a lot as a little girl and entered competitions. I loved singing in choirs, but it was as I got older that I really found my voice.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Men need to understand, and women too, what feminism is really about.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I’m not particularly attention-seeking.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “For me, pointing and clicking my phone is absolutely fine. People say that isn’t the art of photography but I don’t agree.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Churches, depending on their policy, can do fantastic work with people in the community.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I want to branch out. I want to write. I write poetry. I want to see my children grow up well.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “If one woman is suffering, then we are all suffering, and we need to put a voice to that.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I have always felt a little homeless. It’s a strange thing.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “In a sense, the music business and I haven’t always been the best of bedfellows. Artists often have to fight their corner. Your music goes through these filters of record labels and media, and you’re hoping you’ll find someone who’ll help you get your work into the world.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I’m from a working-class background, and I’ve experienced that worry of not having a job next week because the unions are going on strike.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Motherhood was the great equaliser for me; I started to identify with everybody.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Those in the developing world have so few rights – we take a lot for granted in the developed world.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “The dynamic between two individuals starts off with everything warm and nice and fabulous and good. Working and living together can serve you quite well, but when it starts to go wrong – oh, boy!”
Annie Lennox Quote: “There needs to be a shift in consciousness; there needs to be an absolute wake-up call before society can actually make the kind of incredibly significant changes that need to happen.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “You can live with almost any condition if you’re living within a community of people who can share a common understanding.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “The word feminism needs to be taken back. It needs to be reclaimed in a way that is inclusive of men.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I played with the image, because I think image is temporary. It’s a projection. It’s illusory.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I didn’t want to be perceived as a girly girl on stage.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Money is a good thing and it’s obviously useful, but to work only for money or fame would never interest me.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “The inner world is very potent for me – I don’t ascribe to any God or Jesus or Buddha – I just have a sense of it and revere it along with the natural world and human consciousness.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “If you want to open a supermarket chain and put your face all around the globe, selling your baby and your dog, if it makes you happy, who am I to disagree, as the song goes. But it’s not for me. I’ve always tried to keep my integrity and keep my autonomy.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I think my daughters have a pretty healthy self-awareness but I can’t speak on their behalf.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Such is the scale and depth of poverty in many parts of the world that it won’t be ended overnight. That is why if, like me, you want to see an end to poverty, you need to be in it for the long haul.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I watch ‘Mad Men,’ I knit scarves, I cook and am very, very normal. Honestly.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I’m not intensely private – I talk a great deal about my life and my work – I just don’t play the game to excess.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I am fascinated by history and particularly the Victorian era.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Music is a great vehicle for communications, and I have a certain platform. I have an opportunity and I have to take it.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “What’s really interesting is when you get a brand-new wave that has no connection to anything else. It always reflects society. The flappers would cut the dresses and make them looser, they smoked, their hair was short. It was a rebellion against the corset and the Edwardian era.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Nelson Mandela is awe inspiring – a person who really sacrificed for what he believed in. I feel truly humbled by him.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “If we value what we’ve inherited for free – from other women – surely it’s right morally and ethically for us to wake up and say, ‘I’m a feminist. ’”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I don’t have clear-cut positions. I get baffled by things. I have viewpoints. Sometimes they change.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I think people in Great Britain are a bit jaded sometimes.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I wanted to create something that was quite edgy and belonged to me. It wasn’t about my sexual orientation, because I’m heterosexual. It was saying that appearance is just temporary, and I want to be as strong as a man.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I’m not a Christian, but I think the Christian message is a good one.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “It’s not fair to compare one artist to another because they all come with their own sort of elements to the picnic, you know.”
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