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Annie Lennox Quote: “The poetic side of me is Scottish.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I don’t have any interest to go to Israel. I don’t think I’d ever have a cause to go.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I’ve never been a social person. When I grew up, the other girls would all be combing their hair and exchanging lipstick, and I just couldn’t do that group thing.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I only want to make music because I have a passion for it.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “My issue with the state of women became incredibly stimulated when I was visiting developing countries and it became obvious that women bore the brunt of so many things in society.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “A lot of music you might listen to is pretty vapid, it doesn’t always deal with our deeper issues. These are the things I’m interested in now, particularly at my age.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Why are we not valuing the word ‘feminism’ when there is so much work to be done in terms of empowerment and emancipation of women everywhere?”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I’m appalled that the word ‘feminism’ has been denigrated to a place of almost ridicule and I very passionately believe the word needs to be revalued and reintroduced with power and understanding that this is a global picture. It isn’t about us and them.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “It’s harder to get out of bed when you’ve failed.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “We all fight over what the label ‘feminism’ means but for me it’s about empowerment. It’s not about being more powerful than men – it’s about having equal rights with protection, support, justice. It’s about very basic things. It’s not a badge like a fashion item.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I want people to understand me as a person with views, not just performing songs.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Pop stars are so busy having a career that they don’t really have a lot of time for activism.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Making a Christmas album is looked upon by some people as the thing you do when you are heading towards retirement.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Anita Roddick was amazing. Her presence in a room was full of light, and everything she worked to achieve still resonates now.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I understand what it is for a woman to want to protect their children and give them the best they can.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Although I have lived in London, I have never really considered London my home because it was always going to be a stopping-off point for me, and it has been too.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Well I thought my time was over, but it’s only just begun.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I was born in 1954. My parents were brought up in the war years, and life was hard.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “It was very easy for me to dedicate myself to the care of mothers, help them have healthy babies, help them be healthy, help them in a place where they don’t have opportunities. Success breeds the excitement to continue going. It’s harder to get out of bed when you’ve failed.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “As a creative person, you just put something out into the consciousness of the society you live in.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “If people like your music, you can’t guarantee they’re going to love you.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I can’t understand why the front pages of newspapers can cover bird flu and swine flu and everybody is up in arms about that and we still haven’t really woken up to the fact that so many women in sub-Saharan Africa – 60 percent of people in – infected with HIV are women.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I don’t want to be owned by a corporation and obliged to make a certain type of album. I want to be free.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I wouldn’t say that I’ve mellowed. I’m less mellow, perhaps.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Music is an extraordinary vehicle for expressing emotion – very powerful emotions. That’s what draws millions of people towards it. And, um, I found myself always going for these darker places and – people identify with that.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “You’re never quite sure where the song is going, because you might not find the word to rhyme with the end of the line. You have to find associative meaning to get you there. So it’s rather like doing a crossword puzzle backwards. A kind of strange, three-dimensional, abstract crossword puzzle.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “People ask me so many questions.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “The music scene in the ’70s was like the United Kingdom in the ’70s – we had a lot of unemployment, we had inflation, we had a lot of strikes going on, on a national scale, and a lot of discontent. That was reflected in the music.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I was perceiving myself as good as a man or equal to a man and as powerful and I wanted to look ambiguous because I thought that was a very interesting statement to make through the media. And it certainly did cause quite a few ripples and interest and shock waves.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “To try to help people have babies in a healthy way and to celebrate the process of delivering a child which will be healthy is, I think, almost the best part of healthcare.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “There’s a lot of women’s organisations, but they’re all working separately. If you get people together, as a collaborative voice, it’s strong.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I find beauty in a very independent state. It lives quietly. It’s there to be discovered.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “When things are starting to work, you get up at five in the morning thinking, what are we going to do today? You stay up until one in the morning getting it done, and then you start the next day with the same energy, because it’s working!”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I’ve thought about what is an alternative word to feminism. There isn’t one. It’s a perfectly good word. And it can’t be changed.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Every artist has to make their own statements and they have to live with them.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Women’s issues have always been a part of my life. My goal is to bring the word ‘feminism’ back into the zeitgeist and reframe it.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I used to be obsessed about how I presented myself. I didn’t want other people dressing me because I didn’t want to be treated like a clothes horse.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Just having medicine isn’t equivalent to medical care. You need the health systems, you need to create the social framework so that people feel safe.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “The general population still thinks HIV is something that came in the 80s and went away, or that it only affects the gay population or intravenous drug users.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I like where I live here, in London.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “If I hadn’t been a singer, I might have been a photographer or an artist. But it’s singing I love. I sing all the time, and I feel really good that I’ve expressed myself.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “Over the years, I was never really driven to become a solo artist, but I was curious to find out who I was as an individual creative person. It’s taken some time, but now I feel I’ve truly paid my dues. I guess I’m at a point now where I’m more comfortable in my own skin.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I also started writing songs because I had this burning activity in my heart and had to express myself.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “You know, I would say that songwriting is something about the expression of the heart, the intellect and the soul.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “You wouldn’t find a Joni Mitchell on ‘X Factor;’ that’s not the place. ‘X Factor’ is a specific thing for people that want to go through that process – it’s a factory, you know, and it’s owned and stitched-up by puppet masters.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “You have to face things, have faith in what you do and go for it. Think, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’”
Annie Lennox Quote: “There is a big difference between what I do onstage and what I do in my private life. I don’t put my living room on magazine pages.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I think music is the most phenomenal platform for intellectual thought.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “I don’t feel there are enough women artists out there who are saying anything of tremendous relevance.”
Annie Lennox Quote: “One wouldn’t want to have the same dilemmas at 50 as one had at 15. And indeed I don’t. I have a very different take on life.”
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