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Top 15 Antisthenes Quotes (2023 Update)

Antisthenes Quote: “The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue.”
Antisthenes Quote: “When brothers agree, no fortress is so strong as their common life.”
Antisthenes Quote: “The investigation of the meaning of words is the beginning of education.”
Antisthenes Quote: “Observe your enemies, for they first find out your faults.”
Antisthenes Quote: “Not to unlearn what you have learned is the most necessary kind of learning.”
Antisthenes Quote: “States are doomed when they are unable to distinguish good men from bad.”
Antisthenes Quote: “It is better to fall in with crows than with flatterers; for in the one case you are devoured when dead, in the other case while alive .”
Antisthenes Quote: “It is a royal privilege to do good and be ill spoken of.”
Antisthenes Quote: “Wealth and poverty do not lie in a man’s estate, but in men’s souls.”
Antisthenes Quote: “I’d rather be mad than feel pleasure.”
Antisthenes Quote: “The most necessary learning is that which unlearns evil.”
Antisthenes Quote: “As rust corrupts iron, so envy corrupts man.”
Antisthenes Quote: “We weed out the darnel from the corn and the unfit in war, but do not excuse evil men from the service of the state.”
Antisthenes Quote: “How to get rid of having anything to unlearn.”
Antisthenes Quote: “We must not contradict, but instruct him that contradicts us; for a madman is not cured by another running mad also.”
Antisthenes Quote: “The advantages of philosophy? That I am able to hold converse with myself.”
Antisthenes Quote: “To all my friends without distinction I am ready to display my opulence: come one, come all; and whosoever likes to take a share is welcome to the wealth that lies within my soul.”
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