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Top 70 Ban Ki-Moon Quotes (2024 Update)

Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Achieving gender equality requires the engagement of women and men, girls and boys. It is everyones responsibility.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Migration is an expression of the human aspiration for dignity, safety and a better future. It is part of the social fabric, part of our very make-up as a human family.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all. It offers a framework to generate economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen governance.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Climate change is, simply, the greatest collective challenge we face as a human family.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “The longer we delay, the more we will pay.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Terrorism is a significant threat to peace and security, prosperity and people.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “You have to take ownership and leadership of tomorrow. For that to be possible, you have to strengthen your capacity and widen your vision as a global citizen.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Climate change has happened because of human behaviour, therefore it’s only natural it should be us, human beings, to address this issue. It may not be too late if we take decisive actions today.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Climate change does not respect border; it does not respect who you are – rich and poor, small and big. Therefore, this is what we call global challenges, which require global solidarity.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “We must turn the greatest collective challenge facing humankind today, climate change, into the greatest opportunity for common progress towards a sustainable future.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women’s empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “THE WORLD is over-armed and peace is under-funded.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “On this International Day for the Abolition of Slavery let us reaffirm the inherent dignity of all men, women and children. And let us redouble our efforts to build societies in which slavery truly is a term for the history books.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “There is one universal truth, applicable to all countries, cultures and communities: violence against women is never acceptable, never excusable, never tolerable.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “As the young leaders of tomorrow, you have the passion and energy and commitment to make a difference. What I’d like to really urge you do is to have a global vision. Go beyond your country; go beyond your national boundaries.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Sustainable development and climate change are two sides of the same coin.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “We must unite. Violence against women cannot be tolerated, in any form, in any context, in any circumstance, by any political leader or by any government.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “I believe in a world of justice and human rights for all. A world where girls can grow up free of fear of abuse. A world where women are treated with the respect and dignity that is their right. A world where poverty is not acceptable. My dear young friends, you can make this your world.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “The current model is global suicide. We need a revolution. Revolutionary thinking. Revolutionary action. Natural resources are becoming more and more scarce.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Climate change, demographics, water, food, energy, global health, women’s empowerment – these issues are all intertwined. We cannot look at one strand in isolation. Instead, we must examine how these strands are woven together.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “We must follow the wisdom of the Brundtland Report. We must pursue development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “We hold the future in our hands, together, we must ensure that our grandchildren will not have to ask why we failed to do the right thing, and let them suffer the consequences.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Let us take advantage of the opportunities presented by climate action and lay the foundations for a more prosperous and secure future for all.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “The future of any leader or political systems is to be determined by the people of the country.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “As many micro-credit schemes across the world can testify, investment in women is the best investment for the future.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Climate change is destroying our path to sustainability. Ours is a world of looming challenges and increasingly limited resources. Sustainable development offers the best chance to adjust our course.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “It is but a short step from hunger to starvation, from disease to death.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Planet Earth is our shared island, let us join forces to protect it.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “One of my earliest memories is walking up a muddy road into the mountains. It was raining. Behind me, my village was burning. When there was school, it was under a tree. Then the United Nations came. They fed me, my family, my community.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “To achieve a Green Revolution, African farmers, must have access to land and security of tenure. They also need access to markets, technology and improved infrastructure.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Nuclear disarmament is the only sane path to a safer world.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “One of the main lessons I have learned during my five years as Secretary-General is that broad partnerships are the key to solving broad challenges. When governments, the United Nations, businesses, philanthropies and civil society work hand-in-hand, we can achieve great things.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth – these are one and the same fight.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “In a world of plenty, no one, not a single person, should go hungry. But almost 1 billion still do not have enough to eat. I want to see an end to hunger everywhere within my lifetime.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “On this International Day, let us promise to make peace not just a priority, but a passion. Let us pledge to do more, wherever we are in whatever way we can, to make every day a day of peace.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Saving our planet requires you to be ambitious in what you aim, and, equally, in how hard you work to reach your goal.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Society’s dependence on fossil fuels is jeopardising social and economic progress.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “This is the moral challenge of our generation. Not only are the eyes of the world upon us. More important, succeeding generations depend on us. We cannot rob our children of their future.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Extreme weather events continue to grow more frequent and intense in rich and poor countries alike, not only devastating lives, but also infrastructure, institutions, and budgets – an unholy brew which can create dangerous security vacuums.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “For my generation, coming of age at the height of the Cold War, fear of nuclear winter seemed the leading existential threat on the horizon. But the danger posed by war to all humanity-and to our planet-is at least matched by climate change.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Nuclear terrorism is one of the most serious threats of our time. Even one such attack could inflict mass casualties and create immense suffering and unwanted change in the world forever. This prospect should compel all of us to act to prevent such a catastrophe.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “My observation is China is thinking more as a global player than regionally, in both politics and economics.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “A deal must include an equitable global governance structure. All countries must have a voice in how resources are deployed and managed.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Men must teach each other that real men do not violate or oppress women – and that a woman’s place is not just in the home or the field, but in schools and offices and boardrooms.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “I call on men and boys everywhere to join us. Violence against women and girls will not be eradicated until all of us – men and boys – refuse to tolerate it.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “It has been said that knowledge is power. We need to strengthen education systems so that young people can benefit from cultural diversity, and not be victimized by those who exploit differences.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Let us acknowledge and celebrate what youth can do to build a safer, more just world. Let us strengthen our efforts to include young people in policies, programmes and decision-making processes that benefit their futures and ours.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “To measure the success of our societies, we should examine how well those with different abilities, including persons with autism, are integrated as full and valued members.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Every literate woman is a victory over poverty.”
Ban Ki-Moon Quote: “Now, more than ever, we need to connect the dots between climate, poverty, energy, food and water. These issues cannot be addressed in isolation.”
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