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Bill McKibben Quotes

Bill McKibben Quote: “Global warming is no longer a philosophical threat, no longer a future threat, no longer a threat at all. It’s our reality.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “Climate change is the single biggest thing that humans have ever done on this planet. The one thing that needs to be bigger is our movement to stop it.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “If it’s wrong to wreck the planet, it’s wrong to profit from the wreckage.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “We’ve built a new Earth. It’s not as nice as the old one; it’s the greatest mistake humans have ever made, one that we will pay for literally forever.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “The world hasn’t ended, but the world as we know it has-even if we don’t quite know it yet.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “The end of nature sours all my material pleasures. The prospect of living in a genetically engineered world sickens me. And yet it is toward such a world that our belief in endless material advancement hurries us. As long as that desire drives us, here is no way to set limits.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “Very few people on earth ever get to say: ‘I am doing, right now, the most important thing I could possibly be doing.’ If you’ll join this fight that’s what you’ll get to say.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “There is a tendency at every important but difficult crossroad to pretend that it’s not really there.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “We have built a greenhouse, a human greenhouse, where once there bloomed a sweet and wild garden.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “Our weird problem is an abundance of resources and a shortage of hard economic reasons not to use them.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “In reality, climate change is actually the biggest thing thats going on every single day.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “There is no ideal Christmas; only the one Christmas you decide to make as a reflection of your values, desires, affections, traditions.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “The technology we need most badly is the technology of community, the knowledge about how to cooperate to get things done.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “We’ve been given a warning by science, and a wake-up call by nature; it is up to us now to heed them.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “We’re not at the point of trying to stop global warming; it’s too late for that. We’re trying to keep it from becoming a complete and utter calamity.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “Irene’s got a middle name, and it’s Global Warming.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “TV makes it so easy to postpone living for another half hour.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “Because the financial power of the fossil-fuel industry is so great it can, and has, delayed any real action of the climate issues almost everywhere.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “Alone among businesses, the fossil-fuel industry is allowed to dump its main waste, carbon dioxide, for free.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “I’ve sat behind a microphone and listened for decades as Americans learned to stop talking with each other and start shouting instead. No discussions, just ‘socialist’ or ‘fascist’ or ‘feminazi’ or ‘bigot’ or whatever. So here’s what I want to say, and I think it’s the one thing no one ever says any more in our public life: I think you’re wrong, but you may be right .”
Bill McKibben Quote: “When you are in a hole, stop digging!”
Bill McKibben Quote: “The movers and shakers on our planet, aren’t the billionaires and generals, they are the incredible numbers of people around the world filled with love for neighbor and for the earth who are resisting, remaking, restoring, renewing and revitalising.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “There is an urgent need to stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, dramatically reduce wasted energy, and significantly shift our power supplies from oil, coal, and natural gas to wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy sources.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “If there’s horrible flooding in Pakistan or a horrible heat wave in Texas, we’re no longer able to call it an act of God, or a natural disaster, or something like that, the way we could have through all of human history until 35 or 40 years ago.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “I’ve always been opposed to population control. In climate terms, population is not the biggest problem going forward.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “The earth is a museum of divine intent.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “The real negotiation is between humans on the one hand and chemistry and physics on the other. And chemistry and physics, unfortunately, don’t bargain.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “What we’re talking about is the endless, gullible elevation of necessary levels of comfort and status and everything else at the complete expense of all around us. It’s going to take us a long time to learn how to climb down a little bit from the heights on which we have put ourselves.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “We can no longer imagine that we are part of something larger than ourselves – that is what all this boils down to.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “There’s no happy ending where we prevent climate change any more. Now the question is, is it going to be a miserable century or an impossible one, and what comes after that.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “A third of summer sea ice in the Arctic is gone, the oceans are 30 percent more acidic, and since warm air holds more water vapor than cold, the atmosphere over the oceans is a shocking five percent wetter, loading the dice for devastating floods.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “The laws of Congress and the laws of physics have grown increasingly divergent, and the laws of physics are not likely to yield.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “If we all used clotheslines, we could save 30 million tons of coal a year, or shut down 15 nuclear power plants. And you don’t have to wait to start. Yours could be up by this afternoon. To be specific, buy 50 feet of clothesline and a $3 bag of clothespins and become a solar energy pioneer.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “The ability to write compelling emails may be the single most useful talent an organizer can possess.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “The Arctic and the Antarctic are melting quickly. We may have waited too long to get started. But this is a day for optimism because the battle is fully joined, and the idea that big oil is unbeatable is no longer true.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “Until it’s understood to involve justice for those in poverty, a future for generations yet unborn, and a commitment to the rest of creation, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to overcome the status quo.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “We have assumed control where once we worked with what we were given.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “These new technologies are not yet inevitable. But if they blossom fully into being, freedom may irrevocably perish. This is a fight not only for the meaning of our individual lives, but for the meaning of our life together.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “The roof of my house is covered in solar panels. When Im home, Im a pretty green fellow.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “With each month that passes, a solar panel gets 2 or 3 percent cheaper. So while we’re holding the fossil fuel industry in check, the engineers in the renewable energy world are undercutting them from the other side.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “You can have a healthy fossil-fuel balance sheet, or a relatively healthy planet.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “Most of the men and women who vote in Congress each year to continue subsidies have taken campaign donations from big energy companies.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “Put simply, between ecological destruction and technological hubris, the human experiment is now in question.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “A spiritual voice is urgently needed to underline the fact that global warming is already causing human anguish and mortality in our nation and abroad, and much more will occur in the future without rapid action.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “But tolerance by itself can be a cover for moral laziness.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “TV is sometimes accused of encouraging fantasies. Its real problem, though, is that it encourages-enforces, almost-a brute realism. It is anti-Utopian in the extreme. We’re discouraged from thinking that, except for a few new products, there might be a better way of doing things.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “In 50 years, no one will care about the fiscal cliff or the Euro crisis. They’ll just ask, “So the Arctic melted, and then what did you do?””
Bill McKibben Quote: “Spend 70% of your spare time doing things close to home and the other 30% doing work at the global and national level.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “At the moment, the 4 percent of us in this country produce a quarter of the world’s carbon dioxide – once you look at maps of rising sea levels and spreading mosquitoes, you realize that we’ve probably never figured out a way to hate our neighbors around the world much more effectively.”
Bill McKibben Quote: “According to new research emerging from many quarters that our continued devotion to growth above all is, on balance, making our lives worse, both collectively and individually.”
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