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Top 500 Bob Dylan Quotes (2024 Update)
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Bob Dylan Quote: “Don’t know which one is worse, doing your own thing or just being cool.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Art can lead you to God. I think that’s the purpose of everything. If it’s not doing that, what’s it doing? It’s leading you the other way. It’s certainly not leading you nowhere.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “And for each unharmful gentle soul misplaced inside a jail...”
Bob Dylan Quote: “I fought with my twin, the enemy within.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “A cat’s meow and cow’s moo, I can recite them all.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Cop comes down the street crazy as a loon, he throws us in jail for carrying harpoons.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “In the valley of the giants where the stars and stripes explode, the peaches they were sweet and the milk and honey flowed.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “You can have your youth It’ll rot before your eyes.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Mothers tell your children not to do the things I have done, to spend my life in sin and misery in the House of the Rising Sun.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “If love is a sin, then beauty is a crime.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “I was just too stubborn to ever be governed by enforced insanity.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “If I lived my life by what others were thinkin’, the heart inside me would’ve died.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Every day is the same thing out the door Feel further away then ever before Some things in life, it gets too late to learn Well, I’m lost somewhere I must have made a few bad turns.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Crimson flames tied through my ears rolling high and mighty traps, pounced with fire on flaming roads using ideas as my maps.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “You swore you’d never compromise With the mystery tramp, but now you realise He’s not selling any alibis As you stare into the vacuum of his eyes And say, do you want to make a deal How does it feel.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “But I would not feel so all alone, everybody must get stoned.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Gotta head full of ideas that are driving me insane...”
Bob Dylan Quote: “New York was a city where you could be frozen to death in the midst of a busy street and nobody would notice.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “People tell me it’s a sin, to know and feel too much within.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Seven shots ring out like the ocean’s pounding roar, there’s seven people dead on a South Dakota farm.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Some are masters of illusions, some are ministers of trade, all under the same delusion, all their beds unmade.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “I march in the parade of liberty But as long as I love you I’m not free How long must I suffer such abuse Won’t you let me see you smile one time before I turn you loose?”
Bob Dylan Quote: “In the home of the brave, Jefferson turning over in his grave.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “She takes your voice and leaves you howling at the moon.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “I’ll stand over your grave ’til I’m sure that you’re dead.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “I have tried my hand at bribery, blackmail, and deceit. And I’ve served time for everything, cept beggin on the street.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “You walk into the room like a camel and then put your eyes in your pockets and your nose on the ground.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Charity is suppose to cover up for a multitude of sins.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Don’t wanna marry nobody, if they’re already married.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “But now we got weapons Of the chemical dust If fire them we’re forced to Then fire them we must One push of the button And a shot the world wide And you never ask questions When God’s on your side.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “He swift don’t win the race. It goes to the worthy, who can divide the word of truth.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Warlords of sorrow and queens of tomorrow will offer their heads for a prayer. You can’t find no salvation, you have no expectations anytime, anyplace, anywhere.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “She had bullets in her eyes and they fired.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Proud to steal her anything she sees, but you will wind up peeking through her key hole down upon your knees.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “There ought to be a law about you coming around.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “I always thought the best kind of sunglasses are the motorcycle helmets with the black plastic masks on them. That way, nobody can recognize the back of your head either.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Well, it’s always been my nature to take chances My right hand drawing back while my left hand advances.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Creativity has a lot to do with the main idea. Inspiration is what comes when you are dealing with the idea. But inspiration won’t invite what’s not there to begin with.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “I’m the oldest son of a crazy man, I’m in a cowboy band.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “He gambled all his life, he’s got 27 children, yet he’s never had a wife.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “God got the power, man has got his vanity. Man gotta choose before God can set him free.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Don’t forget to support your public library.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “Sometimes I wonder what it’s gonna take to find dignity.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “You five and ten cent women with nothing in your heads, I got a real gal I’m loving and Lord I’ll love her ’til I’m dead.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “I never wanted to be a prophet or a saviour. Elvis maybe.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “If you want to know how to please a woman, just talk to a neuroscience major from Columbia.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “She can play my guitar note for note, she likes to stick her tongue down my throat.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “I heard the tongues of angels and the tongues of men and it all sounded no different to me.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “I say there’re no depressed words just depressed minds.”
Bob Dylan Quote: “That’s another way of writing a song, of course. Just talking to somebody that ain’t there. That’s the best way. That’s the truest way. Then it just becomes a question of how heroic your speech is. To me, it’s something to strive after.”
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