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Bob Goff Quotes

Bob Goff Quote: “Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Stand up like a mountain; have faith like a rock; love like an avalanche.”
Bob Goff Quote: “We won’t be distracted by comparison if we’re captivated with purpose.”
Bob Goff Quote: “I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Figure out what fuels your joy, then do lots of that.”
Bob Goff Quote: “God’s big plan: go love everybody, always!”
Bob Goff Quote: “If we only do what we’re familiar with, we might miss what we’ve been made for.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Fix your eyes on Jesus; it’s ok to stare.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Don’t save up love like you’re trying to retire on it; give it away like you’re made of it.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Day turned to night, His friends scattered and death thought it had won. But heaven just started counting to three.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Simply put: love does.”
Bob Goff Quote: “I don’t know every step I’m supposed to take. I think Jesus just wants me to take the next step.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Being engaged is a way of doing life, a way of living and loving. It’s about going to extremes and expressing the bright hope that life offers us, a hope that makes us brave and expels darkness with light. That’s what I want my life to be all about – full of abandon, whimsy, and in love.”
Bob Goff Quote: “The most beautiful scenery in the world is when our friends come into view.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Don’t let other people decide who you are.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Most people need love and acceptance a lot more than they need advice.”
Bob Goff Quote: “It’s easy to confuse a lot of activity with a purposeful life. Do what lasts; let the rest fall away.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Loving people the way Jesus did, means living a life of constant interruptions. Bring it.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Extravagant love is never wasted.”
Bob Goff Quote: “The way we deal with uncertainty says a lot about whether Jesus is ahead of us leading, or behind us just carrying our stuff.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Next to grace, I bet God thinks making us need each other was one of His best ideas.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Every time we see people as ordinary, we turn the wine back into water.”
Bob Goff Quote: “We might be known for what we believed, but we’re certain to be remembered for what we did about it.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Courage doesn’t mean we’re not afraid anymore, it just means our actions aren’t controlled by our doubts.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s just deciding that fear isn’t calling the shots anymore.”
Bob Goff Quote: “It will be the people with the greatest love, not the most information, who will influence us to change.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Love one another. We don’t need more instructions; we need more examples.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Don’t let who you were talk you out of who you are becoming.”
Bob Goff Quote: “When you love people like Jesus, you get messy. But messy looks good on you!”
Bob Goff Quote: “Most of our decisions are driven by either love or fear. Figure out who’s doing the talking, then decide what you’ll do.”
Bob Goff Quote: “We spend a lot of energy remembering failures God spent a lot of love saying we could forget.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Selfless love is always costly; fear can’t afford it, pride doesn’t understand it and friends never forget it.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Grace draws a circle around everyone and says they’re in.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Too often we are posers. Don’t be afraid. Be you. Live a life worthy of the calling YOU’VE received.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Here’s our job as believers, love everybody ALWAYS!”
Bob Goff Quote: “Don’t let uncertainty talk you into pursuing a backup plan instead of your purpose.”
Bob Goff Quote: “The battle for our hearts is fought on the pages of our calendar.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Something happens when you feel ownership. You no longer act like a spectator or consumer, because you’re an owner. Faith is at its best when it’s that way too. It’s best lived when it’s owned.”
Bob Goff Quote: “For me, it’s Jesus plus nothing-...”
Bob Goff Quote: “Love has the kind of power criticism only wishes it had.”
Bob Goff Quote: “We’ll fill our lives with what we cultivate the most. Plant grace by the acre.”
Bob Goff Quote: “God doesn’t break things so He can fix them; He fixes broken things so He can use them.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Love like there’s no tomorrow; live like there’s no yesterday. We’re forgiven; now go love people like we believe it.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Living a life fully engaged in full of whimsy and the kind of things that love does is something most people plan to do, but along the way they just kind of forget.”
Bob Goff Quote: “Jesus never told His friends to play it safe.”
Bob Goff Quote: “But the kind of love that God created and demonstrated is a costly one because it involves sacrifice and presence. It’s a love that operates more like a sign language than being spoken outright.”
Bob Goff Quote: “You can quit anything on a Thursday.”
Bob Goff Quote: “We keep asking for answers; God keeps sending us people.”
Bob Goff Quote: “I want to go barefoot because it’s holy ground; I want to be running because time is short and none of us has as much runway as we think we do; and I want it to be a fight because that’s where we can make a difference. That’s what love does.”
Bob Goff Quote: “I used to think I could shape the circumstances around me, but now I know Jesus uses circumstances to shape me.”
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