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Brian Blessed Quote: “My parents taught me honesty, truth, compassion, kindness and how to care for people. Also, they encouraged me to take risks, to boldly go. They taught me that the greatest danger in life is not taking the adventure.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “Wishing kindness and compassion to all living creatures.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “I do everything I can for wild animals because they have such a bloody awful time.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “My parents were so proud when I got a scholarship to go to theatre school – it was unheard of that a coal-miners son should go to drama school.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “You can’t call it an adventure unless it’s tinged with danger. The greatest danger in life, though, is not taking the adventure at all. To have the objective of a life of ease is death. I think we’ve all got to go after our own Everest.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “The greatest danger in life is not taking chances. There are so many negative people wanting to grind you down, but you can’t let them. If people say you are mad, you know you’re on the right track.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “I’m a fully trained cosmonaut and have completed 800 hours training, which has made me the No. 1 civilian reserve ready to visit the International Space Station. I am determined to go up, and I want to explore the Moon, Mars and beyond!”

Brian Blessed Quote: “In the Arctic I met some Russian sailors on a submarine and they chorused, “Gordon’s alive!””

Brian Blessed Quote: “I love Scotland – I was made an honorary Wallace after my work on ‘Braveheart,’ you know. If I have two or three days off, I love nothing more than driving up there and climbing around Glencoe.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “My brother Alan – who was seven years younger than me – died from leukemia when he was 52. He never knew a day’s good health – I wish I could have given him some of my good health. But he was always so cheerful and sweet.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “The misapprehension about me is that I am some loud, rampant maniac. I am actually very pensive and quiet.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “I have marvelous dreams! I meet Buddha, I meet Jesus, I meet Mohammed. I constantly dream of space, stars and planets: we are the children of stardust.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “My dad was opening fast bowler for Yorkshire’s second team and I couldn’t believe he could die. He wasn’t going to get better for at least six months, so I left school early to become the family breadwinner.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “I can’t retire from life. I love life too much and I cannot wait to start the day.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “When I was in Downing Street, David Cameron saw me and said, “Please, shout it all around and let it penetrate to my cabinet meeting.” So I bellowed: “Gordon’s alive!””

Brian Blessed Quote: “My dream is to own a Hockney – I’m a Yorkshireman, and his vibrant colours are a good example of how the north-country people are vibrant and colourful.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “I’ve completed half of my space training at Space City in Moscow. I love adventure, and I’ve been training in a centrifuge and MiG Fighter with a view to going into space and being a spokesman for space exploration!”

Brian Blessed Quote: “I’ve always hated it when people overspend, are spoilt or throw their money away.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “I wasn’t good at examinations, but I went to a very good secondary school – Bolton-on-Dearne – with wonderful teachers, who taught me drama and encouraged me in every way.”

Brian Blessed Quote: “In the news this week, the polls continue to slide for Gordon Brown and some people are saying he’s dead and buried. But I think the opposite – I say GORDON’S ALIVE!”

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