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Bryant McGill Quotes
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Bryant McGill Quote: “To every soul you encounter, be a mirror, which reflects only their beauty.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Some people are so addicted to their misery that they will destroy anything that gets in the way of their fix.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “We must quit thinking we know everything, and quit placing “knowledge” over kindness and compassion.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Architects of grandeur are often the master builders of disillusionment.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “The conflicts we have with the outside world are often conflicts we have within ourselves.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “You do not have to do anything to defend yourself in life; just be beautiful, and life will defend you.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Cultivate clarity, strength, vitality and power from natural, beautiful and organic living foods.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Within the hearts men, loyalty and consideration are esteemed greater than success.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “All things are possible through invitation and love.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Do not let your grand ambitions stand in the way of small but meaningful accomplishments.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Peace for the whole world begins with a smile in your own heart.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “If you do not like a certain behavior in others, look within yourself to find the roots of what discomforts you.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “There are amazingly wonderful people in all walks of life; some familiar to us and others not. Stretch yourself and really get to know people. People are in many ways one of our greatest treasures.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “A person who wants nothing fears nothing.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Command the space of your beingness – a space where you are allowed to grow into your true, unique nature.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “The only thing you will get from common sense, is a common life. Be uncommon and have uncommon sense.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “A mistake made by many people with great convictions is that they will let nothing stand in the way of their views, not even kindness.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Let your brilliance be expressed through kindness.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “People are living books. The real library of life is community.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “We must strive for literacy and education that teach us to never quit questioning and probing at the assumptions of the day.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “We fake perfect so others don’t have to experience any unpleasant realities, because their life is just as fake as ours.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “People use words to do battle and to hurt one another terribly, tragically and even mortally.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Afford every soul you encounter the wide and free passage they need to give birth to the dear expressions they feel are important.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Evolve your understanding of success from the outer realm of control, materialism, and ego, to the inner realm of surrender, spirituality, and compassion.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Our understanding of the world around us is constantly being redefined and expanded, and so therefore, it is wiser to be passionate about seeking for truth than knowing it.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “There is something greater than any nation; it is the spirit which created the nation.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Control thought-forms are the basis of our deepest moral crisis.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Knowledge is that possession that no misfortune can destroy, no authority can revoke, and no enemy can control. This makes knowledge the greatest of all freedoms.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “We believe we are the consumers, but we are the consumed.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Become empty to become complete, for it is the void that defines the form.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “American society will never completely understand the true meaning of equality.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “You best teach others about healthy boundaries by enforcing yours.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “You have to make the decision to let go of the past if you want to move forward. Reliving your painful past will poison your heart and your tomorrow. If you look at today through the eyes of the past, you can never see what the present moment has to offer.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “The only way is to teach with love, which requires looking beyond what seems, and remembering we create with our judgements.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “The common person fears to think beyond the common.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Freedom is the realization that it is sufficient to simply be a human being.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “There is little more powerful than when truth joins action.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Want ever so gently. Invite your desires to you like you call a cat. Any aggressive move toward your goals will chase them away.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “There are few surer ways to become disliked by men than to perform well where they have performed poorly.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Your attitudes contain your future.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Seek for illumination of self, and then the world, through the simple, humble, almighty, supreme virtue of love.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Surrender is the path to freedom through our unique authenticity, where we experience the flow of life not through the narrow lens of the mind, but through the vast refuge of the heart.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “The dreamer’s untamed eye sees beyond the illusions to the heart of what is real.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “The roots of all commonwealth are planted in the understanding that we are all the same human beings.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Human intelligence may not be the best trick nature has to offer.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Lay down your cynicism, and believe in the transformational power of love.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “The woman must be restored to her rightful place, as the strong, loving maternal leader of peace and reason.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Once you realize what you really are, you cannot be stopped.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “Control is not humble; control is arrogant.”
Bryant McGill Quote: “By choosing positivity you become a contender for the human spirit giving hope to those in need.”
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