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Buck Rodgers Quote: “A real leader has the ability to motivate others to their highest level of achievement; then gives them the opportunity and the freedom to grow.”

Buck Rodgers Quote: “At IBM everybody sells! Every employee has been trained to think that the customer comes first – everybody from the CEO, to the people in finance, to the receptionists, to those who work in manufacturing.”

Buck Rodgers Quote: “There are countless ways of achieving greatness, but any road to achieving one’s maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity.”

Buck Rodgers Quote: “IBM doesn’t want its people to get frustrated and restless because it has them reaching for carrots they can’t quit.”

Buck Rodgers Quote: “While every body wants it, most don’t want to give it.”

Buck Rodgers Quote: “Sometimes the manager must perform with the courage and agility of a circus performer, carefully crossing the highwire between short-term problems and long-term objectives.”

Buck Rodgers Quote: “We depend on you to do the right thing; right for both you and the company. It is no exaggeration to say that IBM’s reputation is in your hands.”

Buck Rodgers Quote: “The ultimate compliment a customer can make to an organization about one of its marketing people is: “I’m not sure whether your sales rep works for me or for you.””

Buck Rodgers Quote: “Leadership is the ability of a single individual through his or her actions to motivate others to higher levels of achievement.”

Buck Rodgers Quote: “First, there is the law. It must be obeyed. But the law is the minimum. You must act ethically.”

Buck Rodgers Quote: “People buy products for what they can do, not for what they are.”

Buck Rodgers Quote: “Don’t make misrepresentations to anyone you deal with. If you believe the other person may have misunderstood you, correct any misunderstanding you find exists. Honesty is integral to ethical behavior, and trustworthiness is essential for good, lasting relationships.”
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