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C.J. English Quotes

C.J. English Quote: “I hope you outlive me so I never have to know what life is like without you.”
C.J. English Quote: “We made love... and sushi.”
C.J. English Quote: “His fingerprints covered my skin.”
C.J. English Quote: “The world became flat and everyone toppled off the edge as I fell off my barstool and into the shelter of his arms. When I tipped my head back to look at him, his pale blue eyes knocked on the door to my heart, then let themselves inside.”
C.J. English Quote: “I wrapped my arms around him like I was saving an oak tree.”
C.J. English Quote: “It was as if we’d known each other for a thousand years.”
C.J. English Quote: “I want ten-thousand more days with you.”
C.J. English Quote: “It was impossible not to fall in love with him.”
C.J. English Quote: “The kind of kiss that even when it ends, your soul remembers, the kind of kiss that plays in your mind for all of eternity, the kind of kiss that a man gives a woman when his instincts to roam have been tamed.”
C.J. English Quote: “We talked about all the decades to come and how they would never be enough.”
C.J. English Quote: “I needed him like I needed air to breathe.”
C.J. English Quote: “We made love. Extraordinary love.”
C.J. English Quote: “I was forever under his spell and I never wanted to be without him, ever again. And if being with him, like this, turned out to be a mistake, it would be the best mistake I’d ever make.”
C.J. English Quote: “He was the one I compared all others to.”
C.J. English Quote: “I wanted the fairytale.”
C.J. English Quote: “I married a man who was as much a part of me as my own soul.”
C.J. English Quote: “Every cell in my body was telling me that he was my happily ever after.”
C.J. English Quote: “I am excited for our little guy to arrive, so I can get u prego again!”
C.J. English Quote: “I was getting what I had always wanted, him wanting me.”
C.J. English Quote: “I wanted to know what it felt like to be loved by the man of my dreams.”
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