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Top 15 C.L. Scholey Quotes (2023 Update)

C.L. Scholey Quote: “Zane only knew a few English words as she called them and never once had he heard her say, “God damned cock sucker, this fuckin hurts,” what on earth did it mean? It was a mystery. Perhaps some female Earth ritual to welcome the infant.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “I love your cock.” “You are in love with my cock? That sounds a little unnatural, and kinda odd, but okay if you say so.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “A fast bout of flatulence and diarrhea was a simple way of showing him he wasn’t omnipotent. But he was about to be potent in a minute.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “When you kick ass, make certain it’s the right ass you kick for the right reason.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “Do you think there’s hope?” “There’s always hope. Until there’s reality. Whether hope becomes reality or not, you won’t find it unless you look.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “My brother has said something stupid, yes?” “He’s male; they all do eventually, if you let them talk long enough.” “True. I often wonder if we can’t understand each other because they would talk us into killing them with stupid.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “Only an evil psycho villain would think chocolate gross. Never speak to me again.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “Her eyes widened in stunned surprise. “Dumb ass.” Excitement filled him, she must be very impressed with him. He struggled with her words for a second. “I will be your dumb – ass – moron protector.” Surely that must make her feel better.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “So you want me to mate a cold blooded killer? There’s two chances of that, slim and none, and slim just left the building.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “The human threw back her head and belted out a battle cry that might have scared a two-year-old Zargonnii male – maybe – no not really.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “He couldn’t begin to describe her look; it was a cross between bewilderment, excitement, and maybe bad constipation.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “Remember,” Titus whispered to Zell. “Don’t bite the boobs. They’re yours on loan only.” Damned.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “Experiencing an actual delivery gave Zane more respect for the female population. Watching a head push its way through a small opening that stretched to accommodate was enlightening.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “Teach me so I will know and won’t hurt you. Teach me how to touch you. Your body is so soft and fragile and so compelling. It has neat little holes and colors and interesting things to touch.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “A reminder that even seconds counted when it came to loved ones.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “Grace’s eyes widened in surprise and she couldn’t help a small giggle as a mental picture of this mountain of a man with soft, luscious melon-sized boobs popped into her mind. “Nature in its infinite wisdom didn’t give men tits or they would do nothing but play with them all day,” she retorted and removed his hands.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “The nice part is it takes a village to raise a child.”
C.L. Scholey Quote: “How odd it must be for humans, sequestered away, all alone in their small area of the universe. A spoiled only child. A lonely existence. Poor creatures.”
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