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C.L. Wilson Quotes

C.L. Wilson Quote: “To a man standing on the eve of battle, even false hope is better than none.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Live well. Love deep. Tomorrow, we die.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “And though I will never forgive myself for what I did, every day when the doubts creep in, I remind myself that the gods made me for their own purpose. That no matter how seemingly dark and terrible that purpose was, they trusted me to fulfill it. And I remind myself every day, that somehow, I must have proven myself worthy in their eyes because they sent me you, my soul’s mate and the beacon that drew me back from Shadow.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Every Fey warrior and shei’dalin born in the Fading Lands learns very early in life that, like it or not – fair or not – there will be many days when they must decide between a bad choice and a worse one. Today is such a day.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Your father thought he scored a victory over me when he tricked me into marrying you instead of one of your sisters, but he unwittingly gave me the one daughter I wanted most.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “There was something breathtakingly beautiful about the life he was describing... She could almost feel his need and his love lapping at her like waves on a beach.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “You are a force rarely born to a world, something we Elves call leinah thaniel, the Song that sings all Songs, the Mirror that shows all Mirrors, the Change that changes everything.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Call him. Claim him. Speak his Name. Make him thine before all others.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “There is no ‘meant to be’ for you. There is only ‘choose to be.’ So choose wisely, Ellysetta Erimea. Much depends on it.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “A sincere, satisfying grovel is a talent most men never really master. You could do a lot worse than wedding a man who knows how to apologize well.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “All great gifts come with a great price,” Bel murmured.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Displease the Winter King and we’ll none of us see another spring.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “He looked exactly like what he was: a rich and valorous Sealord of Calberna, strong, battle-tested. Confident in all things and easy on the eye. A man even a wealthy, beautiful, magically gifted princess would be pleased to call her own.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Mama always used to say it’s better to choke on a bitter truth than savor a honeycake lie.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Master Fellows surprised Ellysetta with an unexpected compliment. “You have a natural regal grace, my lady, and it has been the greatest of pleasures to teach you. Just remember, while some part of you may always be Ellie, the woodcarver’s daughter, you are also Lady Ellysetta, the Tairen Soul’s queen.” He bowed and kissed her hand. “At the palace tonight, let Ellysetta reign.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Behind your enemy’s smile lies treachery. Show him that behind yours lies steel. Fail to do so, and you only make him bolder.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “You think a courtship and a hunt are two separate things.” Ari grinned, showing gleaming white teeth with battle fangs fully extended. “They’re not.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “I am a Prince of Calberna. I have trained my whole life not only to lead our warriors to victory in battle, but also to serve and protect.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “He raised her hand to his lips and kissed it, a tender gesture that made her heart melt. “Come. Let us dance the skies together.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Hiding from the monsters only made them stronger.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “She’d never in her life looked at a man and felt like a starving beggar standing before a sumptuous feast. She’d all but licked her lips at the sight of him.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Ellysetta Baristani.” Belliard’s voice caused her to stop and turn back around. “Even should you clothe yourself in rags and dirt, you would bring honor to the Fey.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Keep looking like you want to eat me up, moa halea, and I’ll let you.” His voice was a hard, rough rumble.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “When he caught his breath, he regarded her with glowing, half-closed eyes. “If I’m very, very good, shei’tani, will you do that again when we’re alone?”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Like the sea, from which we derive our gifts, we are wild at heart, and deadly when angered.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Death offers us hope, at least. Not for this life, but for another.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “If honor were reserved only for those who never err, none of us would be worthy,” Rain answered.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “What had come over her? He’d touched her, and it was like electric flame – like the lightning she could summon – shooting sparks through her veins. She’d all but melted, boneless, at his feet. He was the Winter King, her enemy, a man feared for his killing coldness, yet when he’d touched her, she had not frozen. She’d burned.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Thou art mine, Dilys Merimydion. Mine and no other’s.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “There’s not a Fey warrior born who does not dream of finding his truemate, so at night, after my parents went to bed, I would sneak out of the shellaba and lie beneath the stars and ask the gods if they could somehow find a way to give a tairen a truemate.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “She had prayed for someone else, anyone else but Den. She’d been hoping for a nice, quiet man like Papa. Instead, the gods had sent her the man who’d scorched the world.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “The Fey did nothing in half measures. That intensity of emotion was part of their appeal. It made them the fiercest warriors, the staunchest allies, the most passionate lovers. The most devoted mates.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “And perhaps pigs will grow gills and swim with the kracken.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Well,” she said again, turning to him and tipping back her head to meet his gaze. “As the begetting of an heir holds such dire import, I suggest we get to it.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Pain is life. Pain is life. Pain is life.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “His hand trailed down the side of her face, brushing back spiraling tendrils of hair. “Come, shei’tani, dance the skiles with your mate.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “He clamped her body to his as if by the sheer force of his embrace he could crawl inside her soul and anchor himself there for eternity.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “If a woman was unattached and in possession of a pulse, she would not long remain unwilling in the face of a determined Calbernan’s courtship.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “She’d never kissed a man. She’d wanted to a few times before, but she’d never allowed herself to do so. Now, the instant his mouth touched hers, she knew she’d never want to kiss any man but him for the rest of her life. He was her one and only. He was everything she would ever want, everything she could ever need.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “I am not a good man, shei’tani,” he corrected. “I never have been. But for you I will strive to be better.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “To Calbernans, love and happiness were not simply emotions. They were as essential as air and water. A Calbernan could not live without them.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Hope was a fragile flicker that he wanted to cup with both hands to protect against the harsh winds of reality.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Our women – our wives – are the heart of Calberna. Without them, Calbernan males could not function. We would die. Just as you would die without the heart that beats in your chest.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “What do you fear so much, that you would run so hard from what you want?”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Such a dangerous word, “why.” Because so often its answer led to places a person didn’t want to go. Vulnerable places.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “The strength of Calberna flows from our women. We protect them, we love them, but we do not cage them.”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “Shei’tani... wilt thou swim with thy beloved in a river of dreams?”
C.L. Wilson Quote: “A giant ice wolf, they called it,” Kham muttered as she scrambled up the tree. “Ice wolf, my ass. Show me one wolf – just one! – that can climb a tree!”
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