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C. S. Forester Quotes

C. S. Forester Quote: “Novel writing wrecks homes.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “I must be like the princess who felt the pea through seven mattresses; each book is a pea.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “A man who writes for a living does not have to go anywhere in particular, and he could rarely afford to if he wanted.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “The lucky man is he who knows how much to leave to chance.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “I thank God daily for the good fortune of my birth, for I am certain I would have made a miserable peasant.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “I’d rather be in trouble for having done something than for not having done anything.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “When a man who is drinking neat gin starts talking about his mother he is past all argument.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “They were setting off on an adventure, and Hornblower was only too conscious that it was his own fault.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “The work is with me when I wake up in the morning; it is with me while I eat my breakfast in bed and run through the newspaper, while I shave and bathe and dress.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “When I die there may be a paragraph or two in the newspapers. My name will linger in the British Museum Reading Room catalogue for a space at the head of a long list of books for which no one will ever ask.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “July 4th, 1776,” mused Keene, reading Hornblower’s date of birth to himself.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “Perhaps that suspicion of fraud enhances the flavor.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “A whim, a passing mood, readily induces the novelist to move hearth and home elsewhere. He can always plead work as an excuse to get him out of the clutches of bothersome hosts.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “Bush could never understand Hornblower’s disciplinary methods. He had been positively horrified when he had heard his captain’s public admission that he too had baths under the washdeck pump – it seemed madness for a captain to allow his men to guess that they were of the same flesh as his.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “I have heard of novels started in the middle, at the end, written in patches to be joined together later, but I have never felt the slightest desire to do this.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “There is no other way of writing a novel than to begin at the beginning at to continue to the end.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “The stinks of the true believers have to be smelt to be believed.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “I formed a resolution to never write a word I did not want to write; to think only of my own tastes and ideals, without a thought of those of editors or publishers.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “Everything was in stark and dreadful contrast with the trivial crises and counterfeit emotions of Hollywood, and I returned to England deeply moved and emotionally worn out.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “Harm began to come to Hornblower from that day forth, despite his obedience to orders and diligent study of his duties, and it stemmed from the arrival in the midshipmen’s berth of John Simpson as senior warrant officer.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “Though there are very serious disadvantages about being a true believer. Who would want four wives at any time, especially when one pays for the doubtful privilege by abstaining from wine?”
C. S. Forester Quote: “Novel writing is far and away the most exhausting work I know.”
C. S. Forester Quote: “His officers saw little of him, and did not love what they saw.”
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