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Calvin W. Allison Quotes

Calvin W. Allison Quote: “When a man is at his weakest is where he will find the greatest opportunity to become his strongest.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “While I do see lots of repetitious writing among authors, that does not apply to all, and certainly not to me. Average minds think alike, but unique minds do not.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “The life that you choose to live will produce either positive or negative outcomes, and the conclusion will be based on the choices that you choose to make.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “Don’t be crushed under the oncoming tide of adversity that moves in to test your faith. Make sure that your foundation is built on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. Be ready for the storms of life and move forward in a confidence that cannot be shaken by the strong winds of hardship.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “Fill your heart with truth so that the wisdom of Christ will flow fluently from you like a living river moving into the seeking hearts of the thirsty.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “Making Jesus Lord is the absolute highest degree of achievement that one can obtain. For it is through Him and through Him alone, that salvation is given.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “Take a step in the right direction and you will find your smile again. It will be there beaming by the light of God’s amazing grace.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “Tomorrow’s past is yesterday’s future and is presently undetermined.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “The light of truth will cover the world, and eliminate the darkness that, for at the moment, blinds so many from the way. The faith of the faithful will prevail, and those faithful will be united with the Lord Jesus forever.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “Only Jesus can take care of the past. But we can help Him with the present.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “When you have got the greatest mountain of hardship that you’ve ever faced to deal with, you also have the greatest opportunity to act on a stronger faith than you’ve ever acted on before.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “Often times some may find that negative observance of others may in fact derive from inward flaws of themselves.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “No blind folds, I want to see you. No masks, I want you to see me. There is no deception in truth.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “I am an author that likes to write in many different styles so to use the platform of expression to the absolute best of the ability that I have been given.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “Study God’s word to show thyself approved and be prepared for the tests that we are given. They make our faith stronger and our character more mature, so that our lives better glorify the Lord.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “Jesus has paid the price to save and to set you free from the bondage of sin. All that you have to do is believe. It doesn’t take an immense degree of knowledge to believe. It doesn’t take a certificate of prestigious honor in the world of higher education to be accepted into the royal family of God. You just have to believe.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “You have got to build a firm foundation on the living word of God. You have got to study it, to store it in your heart, to gain the wisdom that it gives and apply it to your life.”
Calvin W. Allison Quote: “The night has come and yet the light is still shining. A warmth is present and life is still great. No darkness can put out the light of truth. It remains forever. The heart is still full within the redeemed and love is always strong. Praise Jesus.”
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