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Top 60 Cambria Hebert Quotes

Cambria Hebert Quote: “The snow was endless, a heavy blanket on the outdoors; it had a way about it. A beauty. But I knew that, like many things, beauty could be deceiving.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “The sun sees your body, but the moon sees your soul.” “That’s.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “ROMEO: Here’s the thing: when you back a wounded dog into a corner, it’s going to come out fighting.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “Kissing him was like seeing the ocean for the first time. Meeting something so big it made you feel small.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “You broke up with me. I don’t break up with you.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “We were like two sides of Velcro that fused together to create an unbreakable bond. I was the rough side and she was the soft.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “Being a survivor made every moment, every kind word a little more meaningful, because they were the ones who knew what almost never was.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “If someone had told me a few months ago that this would be my life, I would have recommended they seek help for their crazy.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “It was the way he put ketchup on his plate so I could eat his fries. The way I automatically pulled the tomatoes off my burgers and slid them onto his plate. It was the fact that I went to him first whenever something happened I wanted to share. And the way we made each other’s coffee exactly as we drank it. Love is in the details. It’s in the everyday. It’s the way you treat someone when they aren’t even looking and the way they fill your head when you’re apart.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “He leaned down close, his breath fanning out over my cheek. “Don’t worry, Katie. I don’t bite. Unless you want me to.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “Kissing him was like seeing the ocean for the first time. Meeting something so big it made you feel small. It was like standing beneath a galaxy or being the red “you are here” dot on a map of the world. It was like finally understanding the answer to an impossible question.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “Sometimes the only thing your ears hear is the words whispered by your heart. Sometimes the only truth you want to hear is a beautiful lie.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “You know you’re a clumsy person when you cause other people to fall down.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “How in the hell could you have given me your heart?” I wondered aloud. “Because you’re the one who taught it to beat again.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “When did everything get so damn complicated?” “When your life became about more than just football.” “You sound like Yoda.” I grinned. “It’s the beer.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “I smiled into his lips, and he continued to kiss me. “Your smile is my favorite flavor,” he said, pulling away slightly.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “He still did it. He still looked at me like I was all he saw, like I was the sun and the moon all wrapped up into one.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “It was him – plain and simple. It was having my best friend become my lover, my heart, and the center of my world.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “I liked having a person who was so strong; that way I could borrow some of his strength when I was feeling depleted.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “Romeo was tall, well over six feet, with broad shoulders that tapered into narrow waist. He wasn’t a bulky guy; he played too many sports for that. But even so, it was obvious his body was all muscle.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “It was a weight I would bear willingly. I’d bear it forever if he let me.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “That’s right. Your husband. I belong to you, Rim. Always. I don’t want anyone but you. I haven’t since the day you spilled pencils everywhere, in your lesbian sweater, and gave me a list of rules.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “Underneath, he was a good cat. Loyal and loving. But no one ever bothered to look past his rough exterior, because in reality, looks meant more than everyone wanted to admit.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “It was definitely hard to love someone. But with Drew, it was impossible to stop.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “Don’t ever be sorry, not to me,” he said passionately. “Whatever you are is okay.” I.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “No one wanted to deal with damaged. It made them uncomfortable.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “I needed some fries. A beer. And my person.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “My hoodie totally dwarfed her small frame and I liked it. Just seeing it on her made me feel triumphant. I wondered how long it would take her to figure out it had my name and number on the back. I grinned to myself. I hoped she didn’t notice until she wore it somewhere that everyone could see. Then they would know she was mine.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “Women don’t like to be told what to do. They like to be the ones telling us what to do. You want her to do something, you’re gonna have to go about it a different way.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “I’d never known a man who made it impossible to breathe but at the very same time was like a surge of oxygen directly into my lungs.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “That’s how I knew. How I knew I was really in love. I cared more about her than I did myself. I cared more about making sure she was okay than making sure she was with me.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “It isn’t about what other people think,” she said. “It’s about the way you feel. Being put together on the outside makes you feel better on the inside.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “C’mon, man!” B exclaimed. “It’s one thing to be gay, but pinky swearing is for chicks!” “You do it, too,” Ivy said, stepping through the doorway. “So don’t be acting like you don’t.” “Burned,” Rome sang. “Aww, baby, why you gotta do me like that?”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “Happiness was attainable for anyone who had enough courage to reach for it. Just because I had to reach further than some only made it that much more appreciated. Today, in this moment, I was wrapping both hands around my happiness, grabbing it tight. Hopper’s.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “I felt him on a different level. I shied away from saying a soul-deep level even though that’s what I suspected. His energy charged mine. Kind of like a battery being plugged in. It was impossible not to feel his presence.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “There was something special about family by choice. It wasn’t blood that held us all together. It was loyalty. Love.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “I was who I was, and trying to be anything else was a waste of time.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “My brain was the internet, and I had one thousand tabs open all the time.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “Braeden had just become my own personal earthquake. Everything inside me felt rattled and shifted. The composition of my insides would never be the same again.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “She put a hand up to her scars, whispering, “Your love comes with a heavy price tag.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “I love you so much, B.” “Times two, baby,” I murmured. “Times two.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “Well, since you seem to know everything,” I said, dead calm, “then you must also know that I take care of what’s mine. You might be president of this frat, but I own the campus. Do. Not. Push. Me.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “You don’t turn your back on love.” He went on without missing a beat. “Love isn’t easy, not for anyone, but you don’t push it away. You hold even tighter.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “Rimmel: I finally accepted the fact I was really struggling today, and with that acceptance, it became a little easier to breathe.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “I felt lucky to love him in that moment. I understood exactly why I could. I tucked that feeling deep down inside me, because I was sure I would need it later.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “I was into her and it was creating some kind of war inside me. A war between the guy I was and the guy everyone wanted me to be. It never used to be a competition. I was happy to be that guy. The player, the football star, the charmer. I was those things. But I was more.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “And though our relationship had many layers, they weren’t separate. Like my feelings for him weren’t kept in a neat little box beside the one where our friendship was. We swirled together. Like chocolate and vanilla soft serve, like ketchup and mustard on a burger. Our friendship was better because of our love. Our love was better because it blossomed out of friendship.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “You’re the only one who’s ever been in here. You’re the only one who’s ever had the most important part of me. You’re the one who turned a man who vowed to never love into one who loves completely.” “How do you do that?” she whispered, not pulling her face away from mine. “Do what?” I stroked the backs of my fingers across her cheek. “Pull me back in the second I start to drift away?” I smiled. “I told you I was dropping anchor.” “Don’t ever let me go, Braeden.” “Oh, baby.” I vowed, “Never.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “You wanna have it out?” Drew challenged without heat. “We will. And I’ll win. Losing you is not an option.”
Cambria Hebert Quote: “You have a lot of options,” I said seriously. “I’m not the best one.” “No.” He agreed. “You’re not.” Geez, he could have said it a little nicer. “You’re the only one.”
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