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Top 15 Cameron Sinclair Quotes (2023 Update)

Cameron Sinclair Quote: “When sustainability is viewed as being a matter of survival for your business, I believe you can create massive change.”
Cameron Sinclair Quote: “When you build a beautiful building, people love it. And the most sustainable building in the world is the one that’s loved.”
Cameron Sinclair Quote: “A career is a job you love, right? That’s what a career should be. If you’re in a job that you hate, you should quit. That’s the way I look at it. I’m in a job that I love, so I’m going to make it my career.”
Cameron Sinclair Quote: “If you focus on design, you can call yourself a designer. If you focus on the implementation of your design, you can call yourself an architect.”
Cameron Sinclair Quote: “It angers me when sustainability gets used as a buzz word. For 90 percent of the world, sustainability is a matter of survival.”
Cameron Sinclair Quote: “An architect is not an artist but an optimistic realist.”
Cameron Sinclair Quote: “A true architect is not an artist but an optimistic realist. They take a diverse number of stakeholders, extract needs, concerns, and dreams, then create a beautiful yet tangible solution that is loved by the users and the community at large. We create vessels in which life happens.”
Cameron Sinclair Quote: “Ego gets you inches but it doesn’t get you impact.”
Cameron Sinclair Quote: “Treat the world like a failed state; then you can understand the players needed to fix it.”
Cameron Sinclair Quote: “I build community. However, I do it wearing a number of hats.”
Cameron Sinclair Quote: “Through training, practice, and a deep sense of optimism, architects see opportunities where others only see a void. This has been the driving principle behind Architecture for Humanity since our founding.”
Cameron Sinclair Quote: “Forget your environmental footprint. Think about your ethical footprint. What good is it to build a zero-carbon, energy efficient complex, when the labor producing this architectural gem is unethical at best?”
Cameron Sinclair Quote: “Many feel that sitting at a screen sweating over the design of handrail details for the next cute downtown boutique hotel just doesn’t make sense when more than 150,000 people have lost their lives, more than five million people have been made homeless and whole towns have been swept away.”
Cameron Sinclair Quote: “When your focus is social change and not financial change, why wouldn’t you want to share that openly? Innovation only succeeds when it’s shared.”
Cameron Sinclair Quote: “The Internet has created an incredible democratization of the architecture industry.”
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