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Top 10 Camilla Gibb Quotes

Camilla Gibb Quote: “It is his absence that is part of me and has been for years. This is who I am, perhaps who we all are, keepers of the absent and the dead. It is the blessing and burden of being alive.”
Camilla Gibb Quote: “But that is the thing about miracles: it is perception that determines them as such, not facts.”
Camilla Gibb Quote: “She kisses the children goodnight, leaving lipstick on their foreheads and a trail of Chanel No.5.”
Camilla Gibb Quote: “If someone eliminates the obstacles you believe to be in front of you, then you have no choice but to try. Fail spectacularly, if you will, but try.”
Camilla Gibb Quote: “The velvet darkness of his face.”
Camilla Gibb Quote: “I was not always a Muslim, but once I was led into the absorption of prayer and the mysteries of the Qur’an, something troubled in me became still.”
Camilla Gibb Quote: “Writing made it tolerable to be human in a way nothing else ever had. It gave me a place to thrive, to exorcise, to cultivate some understanding of aspects of being human that were otherwise confounding.”
Camilla Gibb Quote: “I never expected to be happy, to have a sense of belonging somewhere. I didn’t grow up with a sense that this was possible or even desirable. I’m quite sure my parents didn’t either, so I come by this honestly.”
Camilla Gibb Quote: “How is it that disappointment arrives as soon as what you have desired for so long steps over the threshold? It’s like finding the end of your wedding train dragging behind in the mud.”
Camilla Gibb Quote: “In order to know someone who is at some level unknowable, you must leave yourself wide open. If you don’t, you foreclose the possibility of learning something critical about this person you need, your parent, the person upon whom your survival depends. It’s like time-lapse photography; your lens at maximum aperture in order to capture something fleeting and elusive. The problem becomes one of calibration. How to protect yourself in the process. How to capture something without going blind.”
Camilla Gibb Quote: “The reality of this wide-eyed caramel-coloured wonder was arresting. This was the future, alive and kicking in my arms.”
Camilla Gibb Quote: “It is harder in many ways to live in the middle than at the edges. Much harder to interpret as you see fit, because then you have no assurance you are doing right in the eyes of God, no confidence you will be rewarded in the afterlife.”
Camilla Gibb Quote: “He wrote the future onto my face with his lips.”
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