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Top 10 Camilla Monk Quotes (2023 Update)

Camilla Monk Quote: “Just picturing his wink again gave me douchebumps, but I wouldn’t let him ruin my day.”
Camilla Monk Quote: “I wished for her to find raisins instead of chocolate chips in her cookies. Every day. For the rest of her life.”
Camilla Monk Quote: “Never in my life had I wished so hard for a thousand-foot-wide asteroid to change its course to hit someone directly in the face. Granted, it would have wiped out the entire country and possibly caused an impact winter on Earth in the process, but the greater good of mankind was worth some modicum of sacrifice.”
Camilla Monk Quote: “He laid her carefully on a bed of kale and daikon radish, and there, under the hot summer rain, he planted his secret seed in her. – Calypso Cooter, Enslaved by The Billionaire Microgreens Farmer.”
Camilla Monk Quote: “Like I said, I’d slam that book with a one-star rating and return it! Except Jeff Bezos won’t let you return your own life. So.”
Camilla Monk Quote: “I couldn’t do it. My eyes fell on the glass of water the waiter had served me earlier; I made a lightning-quick decision. Grabbing Krakky – yeah, that was his name now – I pulled him out of the plate and threw him in my water glass, watching with relief as he settled there. “I’m saving mine for later.”
Camilla Monk Quote: “Forgive me, Nut Jesus, I think I kicked that poor guy in the balls for the third time.”
Camilla Monk Quote: “I’m sorry for being a little tense, Island. I suppose I’m not used to having guests in the front seat. My clients usually ride in the trunk, you know.”
Camilla Monk Quote: “Such is the harrowing journey of a young octopus in this cruel world.”
Camilla Monk Quote: “I processed his words, my lips searching for his clumsily in the dark. I felt his fingers squeeze my neck. And that douche choked me out.”
Camilla Monk Quote: “Preston tore away the greasy Whopper wrapper to reveal a small velvet box. “Yes, I only pretended to be a bum to see through you, Charity. And I have.” – he went down on one knee – ”So, Charity Angel, will you marry me?” Alabama Skye, Her Billionaire Bum.”
Camilla Monk Quote: “I like ostriches. There’s a certain depth to their gaze,” he mused quietly.”
Camilla Monk Quote: “I had sometimes met guys who looked like they worked out a lot; however, overly conservative social boundaries had restrained me from tearing their shirts open in public to check the goods.”
Camilla Monk Quote: “I look up; snow is starting to fall again, like a thousand stars tumbling down from above to melt at our feet.”
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