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Top 25 Camron Wright Quotes (2023 Update)

Camron Wright Quote: “Follow your dreams, make your best choices, and peace will come as you realize that you are on the best path for yourself.”
Camron Wright Quote: “All I am saying is relax. Listen to the wind, feel the water. See where life’s breeze wants to take you. Look, if God wants to give you a bigger oar or two, he will. He has plenty. There are times, however, when he’s trying to blow us one way and we’re paddling like crazy the other. Occasionally we just need to stop and be grateful.”
Camron Wright Quote: “We can’t claim heaven as our own if we are just going to sit under it.”
Camron Wright Quote: “Life will not always be so hard and cruel. Our difficulties are but a moment.”
Camron Wright Quote: “While almost everything that surrounds us in life gets old and wears out, stories, like our very souls, don’t age.”
Camron Wright Quote: “When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.” – Buddha.”
Camron Wright Quote: “Stories teach us to not give up hope because there are times in our own journey when we mustn’t give up hope. They teach endurance because in our lives we are meant to endure. They carry messages that are older than the words themselves, messages that reach beyond the page.”
Camron Wright Quote: “Crafting a plan is easy. Taking action will always prove to be the more difficult path.”
Camron Wright Quote: “I leave the bridge in peace; we part as friends. I take so much of her with me and leave so much of myself behind. I think that’s what life must be about – helping others, leaving pieces of us with them, in return fitting borrowed pieces from them into our own voids, each person helping others along the way.”
Camron Wright Quote: “If you are going to do wrong, at least make sure you don’t get fat from it.”
Camron Wright Quote: “It took me the entire day watching the sun plod across the sky, but Lord Shiva helped me understand that my only journey of concern was to be like the sun, to make it through the day offering as much light and warmth and consistency for others as I could – one single day. Each day. That was all.’ She drew a steadied breath. ‘So from that day on, I have continued to get up in the morning and offer that light, as much as I am able, in my own small way.’ -The Orphan Keeper.”
Camron Wright Quote: “Grandfather had a saying: If you know a lot, know enough to make people respect you. If you are stupid, be stupid enough so they can pity you.”
Camron Wright Quote: “In almost every story, the fiercest battles often take place within.”
Camron Wright Quote: “We don’t use knives and forks,” Pranay replied, leaning forward, “because we are not at war with our food. We don’t need weapons. We have learned it is better to surrender to the flavors, to caress and embrace them. You see, eating for Indians is a passionate affair. Picking up the food with our fingers evokes a closeness, a feeling of warmth, a connection. It would all be lost if we started stabbing and cutting.”
Camron Wright Quote: “I don’t understand. How does reading stories about others answer those questions for me?” “That is what I’m hoping you will understand – every story we read, Sang Ly, is about us, in one way or another.”
Camron Wright Quote: “Chellamuthu expected to feel heroic by helping Anu recover. Instead it was just hard work. Perhaps this was a secret that heroes don’t share: Courage comes from doing common things.”
Camron Wright Quote: “Colonel Moore once asked me if I was prepared to die, and, in looking back, I was. What I wasn’t properly prepared for was to live-.”
Camron Wright Quote: “Just as ants do when their nest is disturbed, we return, survey the damage, and then without hesitation immediately get to work rebuilding.”
Camron Wright Quote: “Vasudhaiva kutumbakam,’ which means ‘The whole world is a family.”
Camron Wright Quote: “Of all the stories I have read about heroes, and all that I could ever read, of one thing I’m certain-he is mine.”
Camron Wright Quote: “When God works in our lives, those without faith like to call it chance. Those who believe call it a miracle. I don’t know where you land on that scale, but I’m suggesting God is not as distant as you may believe.”
Camron Wright Quote: “Seek dharma, child. Find out how you fit in, who you are. Remember that everything around you has a purpose. Even you, child.”
Camron Wright Quote: “My name is Chellamuthu,” he said. “I want you to know that once upon a time in India, I rode with my father on a bus in a box.” The children, having no clue what he was saying, began to giggle. He continued anyway. “I was surrounded by people – talking, laughing, and joking – like today, and nobody at all knew that I was even there or what I wanted to say.”
Camron Wright Quote: “If a child is kidnapped from hell and carried to heaven, should we condemn the kidnapper?”
Camron Wright Quote: “He has dark skin,” she said to Rux, jumping right to her point, “because God is an astounding artist, and like you, he loves to paint with many different colors.”
Camron Wright Quote: “Perhaps there are times He trusts us enough to move forward without giving us every little answer.”
Camron Wright Quote: “Everyone holds secrets that need protecting.”
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