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Top 25 Candace Cameron Bure Quotes (2023 Update)

Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “A day without prayer is a day wasted of an opportunity to see God’s hand in my life.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “Joy isn’t the same as happiness. Happiness is totally dependent on external circumstances. If things go well, we are happy. If things don’t go well, those happy feelings end. Joy comes from something deeper and more significant. It is not dependent on circumstances, but is a consistent, unsinkable response to what Christ has done for us, instead of what is currently happening to us.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “The truth in God’s Word isn’t always easy to digest. It doesn’t always feel good to live like He’s called us to live. Sometimes we feel beat up and bruised as we seek to swim upstream against the culture and live out His plan, but He stretches us in ways that are ultimately for our good.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “He has given us life, and we can either live that life with joy, believing that we can make a difference, or we can wallow in sorrow believing we can’t.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “Faith is like a muscle. It atrophies if you don’t exercise it. Will you be in circumstances that test what you’re made of? Of course! Will it change you? Absolutely.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “Kind and classy women celebrate the other women in every room rather than sizing them up.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “An empowered woman believes she can do anything because her own strength, courage, boldness, and drive are enough. An in-powered woman believes she can do anything because God is enough.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “Your integrity is worth so much more than proving a point or having the last word.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “Being ambitious women means we are hardworking women, willing to go and serve and sacrifice to turn big dreams into reality. Holy ambition, to me, is the face of kindness at work.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “We control how we behave and how we think, and that’s about it! Yes, we can handle those things to the best of our ability. Anything outside of that? Let it go.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “We don’t have to only be friends with like-minded people. We simply need to be kind to all people regardless of whether we agree with them. We’re all made in the image of God – no exceptions. And Jesus was kind to all – no exceptions. Who are we to think we can act differently?”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “While it’s true that peace, joy, and love are gifts that God loves to give His children, He never promises that our lives will be problem-free.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “If it’s not nice, don’t say it! You’ll be sparing the listener and yourself the embarrassment of saying something offensive or hurtful.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “Women who clearly feel good in their own skin have a light that shines from within.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “I believe that true classiness comes from the heart, in the form of kindness. Because no matter what you’re wearing, what you’re driving, where you’re staying, or how much cash you have in the bank, kindness never goes out of style, and it makes all the difference in the world.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “It’s not about instant gratification; it’s about long-term success that offers a life of freedom from strongholds that have gripped us for years.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “Kindness is incredibly powerful because it is so unlike what most of us see every day. It does not come naturally to us. We have to work at it and build it, like a muscle. But when we do, it stands out.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “Say goodbye to bad hair days and bad heart days alike by remembering that you are God’s masterpiece, sharing a smile, and spreading contagious joy. That’s the real secret of every class act.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “But the things that make a woman feel good inside and out – and make those around her feel good and happy to be with her – are not for sale. Things like kindness, self-discipline, purpose, humility, grace, confidence, hospitality, and peace cannot be marketed in a slick magazine ad or in a movie.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “I don’t try to fight how I feel, because emotions aren’t right or wrong; they are value neutral. It’s how we behave that is right or wrong.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “In addition to trainers and buddies, we have an additional support system on which I have relied, Jesus Christ. When the changes we make are anchored in the will of God and when our love for God becomes the driving force in our lives, we discover the ultimate trainer is with us, cheering us on.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “Today tolerance has replaced good manners as the ultimate value to be taught and practiced. There’s a cultural mandate in America that we will tolerate any and all belief systems and modes of behavior. But have you ever thought about that word tolerate? It’s a pretty low bar to clear. I can tolerate the sound of fingernails scraping the chalkboard, but it doesn’t mean I like it or respect it.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “Every person we pass every day, whether on the street or in the subway, in the checkout line or carpool line, possesses an incredible story, often mixed with beauty and pain. I see you, sister. Some days, it can be as simple as that.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “The story of Samson, whose secret to strength was his uncut hair, may well typify the power we have when God is on our head; but it also illustrates the power that persistence holds to weaken our strength. Even the strongest resolve becomes weak when faced with negative thoughts time and again.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “Can you imagine what the world would look like if more of us resolved to live as kind, classy, confident women instead of women “empowered” by the idea that the world owes us something?”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “Breathing helps me quiet the other voices so I can hear God speaking peace and assurance.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “Starting a diet or buying a new shade of lipstick won’t put you on a path to freedom. It might make you feel good on the outside, which is a natural part of your womanhood, but the change must begin with the transformation by the Spirit – the renewing of our minds.”
Candace Cameron Bure Quote: “I’d like to encourage Christian women to be whatever you want to be and to do so with your ultimate purpose of glorifying God in mind. Wherever you go, just know God will be there too! He has put ambition in your heart for a reason.”
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