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Top 9 Candice M. Wright Quotes (2023 Update)

Candice M. Wright Quote: “You realize I’m not dead, right?” “Tell me that after you’ve had a look in the mirror. If I had to describe your appearance this morning in one word, it would be ’reanimated.”
Candice M. Wright Quote: “Loyalty shouldn’t just be given blindly, it should be earned. In your attempt to decide if I was worthy of yours, you failed to notice you are not worthy of mine.”
Candice M. Wright Quote: “I don’t know whether to hand you my panties or a restraining order.”
Candice M. Wright Quote: “It’s the first time I’ve been rendered speechless by a cock that I wasn’t choking on,” I sputter out.”
Candice M. Wright Quote: “I roll my eyes. I’ve spent far too much time with liars. Words mean nothing to me. Actions are everything and Reid proved that the only person who has my back is me.”
Candice M. Wright Quote: “Warriors always wear the blood of the people who tried to make them fall. Don’t be ashamed of what you did to survive or of who you had to become.”
Candice M. Wright Quote: “It’s better to regret the things you lived for than to die regretting that you never really lived at all.”
Candice M. Wright Quote: “Dreams are free and accessible in the darkest hours. They offer you an escape, they give you hope, and for those brief moments in time, you are free to be whoever you want. The best thing, though, is that nobody can steal them away, because they are yours and yours alone. When you live among thieves and pickpockets, you learn to appreciate the priceless treasures that are so easily deemed worthless to others.”
Candice M. Wright Quote: “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with my boobies. I grew them myself.”
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