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Top 15 Caragh M. O'Brien Quotes (2023 Update)

Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “Dream hard. Work harder. Shine.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “I don’t believe in worry. It doesn’t change the outcome, but it make the now miserable, so I don’t do it.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “When you decide something’s right, there’s nothing that can stop you from doing it.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “What happened to your face?′ he asked. ‘When I was little, my grandmother was making candles and she had a big vat of hot beeswax in the backyard,’ she said. ‘I walked into the vat.’ Usually that ended the conversation. ‘I don’t remember it,’ she added. ‘How old were you?’ he asked. She tilted her face slightly, watching him. ‘Ten months.’ ‘You were walking at ten months?’ he asked. ‘Not very well, apparently,’ she said dryly.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “Even the worst feeling, with time and familiarity, became tolerable.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “Home was more about people than a place.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “There are some things, once they are done, that we can never question, because if we did, we wouldn’t be able to go on. And we have to go on, every single day.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “She’d heard of love triangles before, but a love square?”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “It isn’t always easy between us. I admit that. But it’s right between us, always.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “My homesickness wasn’t truly for home, I realized. It was for something more elusive. A silent, low-grade, unnamed yearning persisted inside me. It was always there, a reaching feeling that grew stronger when I was alone and listened for it. The rain understood what it was.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “Being brave along does not make us smart.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “There are many ways to be a criminal or hero. Don’t forget that.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “Dubbs frowns, and I expect her to keep arguing. Instead, she keeps petting the cat.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “Stalking’s when you follow the person and won’t leave them alone. Waiting is different. It’s a form of tribute, like a vigil, and fate rewards it.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “You know what? You re pretty good at pushing people away from you. Did you know that? Maybe that’s why you had only one friend growing up.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “You always have a choice, Gaia. You can always say no.” His voice was strangely hollow. “They might kill you for it, but you can always say no.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “Love is for happy people, not me.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “I guess that blows your theory, Paige. Niceness trumps art.”
Caragh M. O'Brien Quote: “Nothing was right with her parents gone, no matter how much she’d tried to go on without them.”
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