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Top 15 Carey Corp Quotes (2023 Update)

Carey Corp Quote: “Stop torturing yourself and just let go. Surrender all the guilt, the pain, everything you’ve been carrying – leave it all here.”
Carey Corp Quote: “I tried to console myself with the fact that even if he did choose me, he’d leave me eventually, like every other man in my life.”
Carey Corp Quote: “I’d learned from experience hoping for the impossible just ended in heartbreak.”
Carey Corp Quote: “Yoga’s nothing but young girls twistin’ themselves into pretzels and prayin’ to the devil.”
Carey Corp Quote: “You need to let yourself be forgiven.”
Carey Corp Quote: “My philosophy had always been to do the leaving first.”
Carey Corp Quote: “Verranica, I will never leave you.”
Carey Corp Quote: “I could put some serious hurt on Prince Not-So-Charming if I need to.”
Carey Corp Quote: “Just once I’d like to save the world at high noon like a cowboy.”
Carey Corp Quote: “If you stay, I’ll give you my heart and never ask for it back.”
Carey Corp Quote: “Eric cheated on her with a girl dumber than a box of Beanie Babies and lied about it.”
Carey Corp Quote: “She’s Eponine – but of a platonic sort. You’re my Cossette.”
Carey Corp Quote: “The prayer was so beautiful – even more moving than “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from Carousel – that I wanted to cry.”
Carey Corp Quote: “A view-inspired soundtrack – mostly The Sound of Music – played in my head.”
Carey Corp Quote: “I was for anything that didn’t involve traipsing through the forest like a Sondheim character.”
Carey Corp Quote: “How could I prove she was a card-carrying member of the Evil League of Evil before she pulled out her freeze ray and stopped the world?”
Carey Corp Quote: “Like doing a mash-up of Spring Awakening and Spam-a-lot.”
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