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Top 8 Cari Quinn Quotes (2024 Update)

Cari Quinn Quote: “To those that have been here since the beginning. You rock.”
Cari Quinn Quote: “Not tears. Had to be an eyelash. In both eyes, but whatever.”
Cari Quinn Quote: “He might be a giant pain in the ass sometimes, but she loved him with a ferocity that terrified her.”
Cari Quinn Quote: “That idiot was hers, and she wasn’t going to let him slip through her fingers because he was too proud to face whatever demons that were riding him.”
Cari Quinn Quote: “Cory rested his leg on his opposite knee, apparently not concerned about his steel-gray tux. The guy might’ve stepped off a page in GQ, he was that handsome. In fact, she might’ve called him the most gorgeous man in the room, if not for the blond, eye-maskless pirate scowling at the head table. He would win that contest, effortlessly. In jeans and a T-shirt. In a flawless tux. Or better yet, completely naked. “You could choose to look at it as a hand, not a handout.” “I can take.”
Cari Quinn Quote: “Sometimes someone wanting you is the biggest aphrodisiac there is. It fills a lot of holes.”
Cari Quinn Quote: “She braced one palm on the wall and used the other to bring him inside her more forcefully, tearing away the last bit of civility between them. Her body yielded under his pummeling strokes. Stretching around him, drawing him in that much farther. She couldn’t get close enough.”
Cari Quinn Quote: “Do you have some sort of walking disorder? One foot in front of the other. It’s real simple.”
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