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Top 10 Cari Silverwood Quotes (2024 Update)

Cari Silverwood Quote: “Being born of the dreams and nightmares of humans, they weren’t truly faery or demon. The semantics of labels didn’t matter. There was just light, and there was dark, and neither of them belonged in this world.”
Cari Silverwood Quote: “There are people who might be with you for much of your waking hours for many years, yet when they are gone you find they’ve left the smallest of marks on you. There are others who will always mark you deeply no matter how little the time they spend with you. Those people leave you with scars and blemishes, with love kisses, with mind-bending alterations of whatever it is inside that makes you who you are.”
Cari Silverwood Quote: “I was Zorie, a woman who sought revenge for a friend and for herself, and in so doing I had killed my own self.”
Cari Silverwood Quote: “He ate up her pain. She loved the darkness in his eyes, the pleasure he gave her, the way he stopped to watch when she whimpered and wriggled.”
Cari Silverwood Quote: “I don’t remember everything I did to you last night. It wasn’t moral or legal, but I’m not sorry.”
Cari Silverwood Quote: “Her legs might tremble but she’d said what she had to. Maybe because she knew this would get harder to do the longer she was here. Soon, if he had his way, and she was afraid he would, she would lose her courage. She would cherish this time –a memory of when she still had balls.”
Cari Silverwood Quote: “If this was Narnia, she wanted fawns and moralistic heroes who offered you cloaks and sips of warming beverages. Not leather cuffs threaded with steel.”
Cari Silverwood Quote: “He went through the vehicle usage manual in his head and recalled the simulator training. Then he unlocked the car, ushered her in, and started the engine. All went well until he rammed into the car parked in front.”
Cari Silverwood Quote: “Mako raised his leg and planted his boot on her butt. Not too much pressure, just enough to let her feel the weight and maybe the grit on the sole, reminding her who had control.”
Cari Silverwood Quote: “Fear, excitement, all rolled into one. Her monster was coming.”
Cari Silverwood Quote: “For the thousandth time, Faith wondered why this appealed to her. She detested letting men walk all over her, letting them think they were supreme beings. But when Mr. Meisner did all these diabolical things to her, her body fired up and wanted more.”
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