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Top 9 Carina Chocano Quotes (2023 Update)

Carina Chocano Quote: “Romantic love is a mirror in which you can see your whole self pleasantly reflected, if you’re lucky. Or it’s a dark mirror into which you can disappear.”
Carina Chocano Quote: “To remain a spinster was to be societally “redundant,” but to marry, for a girl, was to be absorbed into the self of another, like a vanishing twin. A woman’s education was designed to coax her to sleep at sixteen and keep her unchanged and unconscious forever. It was an undoing. It wasn’t a start but a “finishing.”
Carina Chocano Quote: “You can learn a lot about the longings and generalized gender anxieties of an era by the kinds of fake women it dreams up.”
Carina Chocano Quote: “Friedan demystified the fairy tale and traced it back to its roots. She named the unnamed problem. She told women they weren’t crazy, that the culture was set up to drive them crazy and make them relinquish themselves and step into a mass-produced, ready-made identity, ready to please.”
Carina Chocano Quote: “Strategic girls manage perception; idealistic girls go up against the narrative, because it’s at the root of the problem, and they get crushed every time.”
Carina Chocano Quote: “Women’s ideas of themselves had changed, but the world’s idea of women, somehow, had not. The cognitive dissonance was palpable at all times.”
Carina Chocano Quote: “It wasn’t just the movies. It was everything, everywhere. It was the sublimated sexism that mutated every experience but that we weren’t allowed to notice or acknowledge. It was the regressive subtext that seemed to undermine every progressive text.”
Carina Chocano Quote: “In societies where women’s rights are no longer openly, blatantly denied – as they are not in most of the Western world – women are instead encouraged to deny them voluntarily.”
Carina Chocano Quote: “There’s a decadent glamour to falling apart, but not everyone can afford it.”
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