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Charles Bukowski Quote: “Show me a man who lives alone and has a perpetually clean kitchen, and 8 times out of 9 I’ll show you a man with detestable spiritual qualities.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “It’s the order of things: each one gets a taste of honey then the knife.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “The centuries are sprinkled with rare magic with divine creatures who help us get past the common and extraordinary ills that beset us.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Love came hard and very seldom. When it did it was usually for the wrong reasons.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Long ago, among other lies they were taught that silence was bravery.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “In the morning it was morning and I was still alive.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Four days alone with nothing. Emerge empowered. The first human face you see will knock you back 50%.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “When you clean up a city, you destroy it.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Parties sickened me. I hated the game-playing, the dirty play, the flirting, the amateurs drunks, the bores.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I drive around the streets an inch away from weeping, ashamed of my sentimentality and possible love.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I had noticed that both in the very poor and very rich extremes of society the mad were often allowed to mingle freely.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Death meant little to me. It was the last joke in a series of bad jokes.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “People just weren’t interesting. Maybe they weren’t supposed to be. But animals, birds, even insects were. I couldn’t understand it.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “If you want to know where God is, ask a drunk.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “People need me. I fill them. If they can’t see me for a while they get desperate, they get sick. But if I see them too often I get sick. It’s hard to feed without getting fed.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I hid in bars, because I didn’t want to hide in factories.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Sometimes I get too exhausted to even feel bad.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I am this fiery snail crawling home.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Trouble and pain were what kept a man alive. Or trying to avoid trouble and pain. It was a full time job.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I was drawn to all the wrong things: I liked to drink, I was lazy, I didn’t have a god, politics, ideas, ideals.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I give you soul. I give you wisdom and light and music and a bit of laughter. Also, I am the world’s greatest horseplayer.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “It’s better to do a dull thing with style than a dangerous thing without it.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “The world had somehow gone too far, and spontaneous kindness could never be so easy.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “The pest, in a sense, is a very superior being to us: he knows where to find us and how – usually in the bath or in sexual intercourse or asleep.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “That the young rich smell the stink of the poor and learn to find it a bit amusing. They had to laugh, otherwise it would be too terrifying.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Fay had a spot of blood on the left side of her mouth and I took a wet cloth and wiped it off. Women were meant to suffer; no wonder they asked for constant declarations of love.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I don’t know if this is true to you but for me sometimes it gets so bad that anything else say like looking at a bird on an overhead power line seems as great as a Beethoven symphony. then you forget it and you’re back again.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I often carry things to read so that I will not have to look at the people.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “That’s the way it ends. The thin edge of the wedge.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Capitalism has survived communism. Now, it eats away at itself.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “As a recluse I couldn’t bear traffic. It had nothing to do with jealousy, I simply disliked people, crowds, anywhere, except at my readings. People diminished me, they sucked me dry.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I was their bar freak, they needed me to make themselves feel better. just like, at times, I needed that graveyard.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “The park grass looked greener, the park benches looked better and the flowers were trying harder.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I had no feeling for the things so many others needed.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I would give anything for a female’s hand on me tonight. they soften a man and then leave him listening to the rain.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Art is its own excuse, and it’s either Art or it’s something else. It’s either a poem or a piece of cheese.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Our disappointment sits between us.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “The writer has no responsibility other than to jack off in bed alone and write a good page.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I am for the small man who has not forgotten, for the man who loves his beer and his women and his sunlight.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I got up and walked back to my roominghouse. The moonlight was bright. My footsteps echoed in the empty street and it sounded as if somebody was following me, I looked around. I was mistaken. I was quite alone.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Most people are not ready for death, theirs or anybody elses.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I could never accept life as it was, I could never gobble down all its poisons bu there were parts, tenuous magic parts open for the asking.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I was young I was so young it hurt like a knife inside because there was no alternative except to hide as long as possible – not in self-pity but with dismay at my limited chance: trying to connect.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Too often the people complain that they have done nothing with their lives and then they wait for somebody to tell them that this isn’t so.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “I am not a man who looks for solutions in God or politics. If somebody else wants to do the dirty work and create a better world for us and he can do it, I will accept it.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Was I the only person who was distracted by this future without a chance?”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “It’s hard to drink when you dance. And it’s hard to dance when you drink.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “The blankets had fallen off and I stared down at her white back, the shoulder blades sticking out as if they wanted to grow into wings, poke through that skin. Little blades. She was helpless.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “As we live we all get caught and torn by various traps. Nobody escapes them. Some even live with them. The idea is to realize that a trap is a trap. If you are in one and you don’t realize it, then you’re finished.”
Charles Bukowski Quote: “Sex can sometimes become the most horrible of tasks.”
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