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Charles Darwin Quotes
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Charles Darwin Quote: “Animals, whom we have made our slaves, we do not like to consider our equal.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Often a cold shudder has run through me, and I have asked myself whether I may have not devoted myself to a fantasy.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “We behold the face of nature bright with gladness.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I conclude that the musical notes and rhythms were first acquired by the male or female progenitors of mankind for the sake of charming the opposite sex.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I am dying by inches, from not having any body to talk to about insects.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Man selects only for his own good: Nature only for that of the being which she tends.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Man himself cannot express love and humility by external signs, so plainly as does a dog, when with drooping ears, hanging lips, flexuous body, and wagging tail, he meets his beloved master.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “What can be more curious than that the hand of a man, formed for grasping, that of a mole for digging, the leg of the horse, the paddle of the porpoise, and the wing of the bat, should all be constructed on the same pattern?”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Sympathy beyond the confines of man, that is, humanity to the lower animals, seems to be one of the latest moral acquisitions.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “It is easy to specify the individual objects of admiration in these grand scenes; but it is not possible to give an adequate idea of the higher feelings of wonder, astonishment, and devotion, which fill and elevate the mind.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Besides love and sympathy, animals exhibit other qualities connected with the social instincts which in us would be called moral.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I have long discovered that geologists never read each other’s works, and that the only object in writing a book is a proof of earnestness.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “When the sexes differ in beauty, in the power of singing, or in producing what I have called instrumental music, it is almost invariably the male which excels the female.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Mathematics seems to endow one with something like a new sense.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “The more one thinks, the more one feels the hopeless immensity of man’s ignorance.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Progress has been much more general than retrogression.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “The main conclusion arrived at in this work, namely that man is descended from some lowly-organised form, will, I regret to think, be highly distasteful to many persons. But there can hardly be a doubt that we are descended from barbarians.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Sympathy for the lowest animals is one of the noblest virtues with which man is endowed.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “It is a truly wonderful fact – the wonder of which we are apt to overlook from familiarity – that all animals and all plants throughout all time and space should be related to each other in group subordinate to group.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Man, wonderful man, must collapse, into nature’s cauldron, he is no deity, he is no exception.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Blushing is the most peculiar and most human of all expressions. Monkeys redden from passion but it would take an overwhelming amount of evidence to make us believe that any animal can blush.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “From the war of nature, from famine and death, the most exalted object which we are capable of conceiving, namely, the production of higher animals, directly follows.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace the savage races throughout the world.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Sympathy will have been increased through natural selection.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Man tends to increase at a greater rate than his means of subsistence.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “The age-old and noble thought of ‘I will lay down my life to save another,’ is nothing more than cowardice.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Many kinds of monkeys have a strong taste for tea, coffee and spirituous liqueurs.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I see no good reasons why the views given in this volume should shock the religious views of anyone.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “The limit of man s knowledge in any subject possesses a high interest which is perhaps increased by its close neighbourhood to the realms of imagination.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “We may confidently come to the conclusion, that the forces which slowly and by little starts uplift continents, and that those which at successive periods pour forth volcanic matter from open orifices, are identical.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “An agnostic would be the more correct description of my state of mind.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “If Mozart, instead of playing the pianoforte at three years old with wonderfully little practice, had played a tune with no practice at all, he might truly have been said to have done so instinctively.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Animals manifestly enjoy excitement, and suffer from annul and may exhibit curiosity.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “He who understands baboons would do more towards metaphysics than Locke.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “We will now discuss in a little more detail the Struggle for Existence.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “One hand has surely worked throughout the universe.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “It is a fatal fault to reason whilst observing, though so necessary beforehand and so useful afterwards.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I suppose you are two fathoms deep in mathematics, and if you are, then God help you. For so am I, only with this difference: I stick fast in the mud at the bottom, and there I shall remain.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “But Geology carries the day: it is like the pleasure of gambling, speculating, on first arriving, what the rocks may be; I often mentally cry out 3 to 1 Tertiary against primitive; but the latter have hitherto won all the bets.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “On the ordinary view of each species having been independently created, we gain no scientific explanation.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I have tried lately to read Shakespeare, and found it so intolerably dull that it nauseated me.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Delight itself, however, is a weak term to express the feelings of a naturalist.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I long to set foot where no man has trod before.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I have deeply regretted that I did not proceed far enough at least to understand something of the great leading principles of mathematics, for men thus endowed seem to have an extra sense.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Man is developed from an ovule, about 125th of an inch in diameter, which differs in no respect from the ovules of other animals.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “So in regard to mental qualities, their transmission is manifest in our dogs, horses and other domestic animals. Besides special tastes and habits, general intelligence, courage, bad and good tempers. etc., are certainly transmitted.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “The moral faculties are generally and justly esteemed as of higher value than the intellectual powers.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I have been speculating last night what makes a man a discoverer of undiscovered things; and a most perplexing problem it is. Many men who are very clever – much cleverer than the discoverers – never originate anything.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “It struck me that favourable variations would tend to be preserved and unfavourable ones tend to be destroyed.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I would give absolutely nothing for the theory of Natural Selection, if it requires miraculous additions at any one stage of descent.”
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