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Charles Darwin Quotes
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Charles Darwin Quote: “I worked on true Baconian principles, and without any theory collected facts.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “So great is the economy of Nature, that most flowers which are fertilized by crepuscular or nocturnal insects emit their odor chiefly or exculsively in the evening.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Our descent, then, is the origin of our evil passions!! The devil under form of Baboon is our grandfather.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “May we not suspect that the vague but very real fears of children, which are quite independent of experience, are the inherited effects of real dangers and abject superstitions during ancient savage times?”
Charles Darwin Quote: “A moral being is one who is capable of reflecting on his past actions and their motives – of approving of some and disapproving of others.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “From the first dawn of life, all organic beings are found to resemble each other in descending degrees, so that they can be classed in groups under groups. This classification is evidently not arbitrary like the grouping of stars in constellations.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “When I view all beings not as special creations, but as the lineal descendants of some few beings which lived long before the first bed of the Cambrian system was deposited, they seem to me to become ennobled.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Although I am fully convinced of the truth of Evolution, I by no means expect to convince experienced naturalists. But I look with confidence to the future naturalists, who will be able to view both sides with impartiality.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “We are optimists, until we are not.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I think it can be shown that there is such an unerring power at work in Natural Selection, which selects exclusively for the good of each organic being.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “It may be doubted that there are many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world as have these lowly organized creatures.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “It has been a bitter mortification for me to digest the conclusion that the “race is for the strong” and that I shall probably do little more but be content to admire the strides others made in science.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “If man had not been his own classifier, he would never have thought of founding a separate order for his own reception.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “It may be doubted whether any character can be named which is distinctive of a race and is constant.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Nothing can be more hopeless than to attempt to explain this similarity of pattern in members of the same class, by utility or by the doctrine of final causes.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “The instruction at Edinburgh was altogether by lectures, and these were intolerably dull, with the exception of those on chemistry.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “What wretched doings come from the ardor of fame; the love of truth alone would never make one man attack another bitterly.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “A grand and almost untrodden field of inquiry will be opened, on the causes and laws of variation, on correlation of growth, on the effects of use and disuse, on the direct actions of external conditions, and so forth.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I feel like an old warhorse at the sound of a trumpet when I read about the capturing of rare beetles.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I am a firm believer, that without speculation there is no good and original observation.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Such simple instincts as bees making a beehive could be sufficient to overthrow my whole theory.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “It strikes me that all our knowledge about the structure of our Earth is very much like what an old hen would know of the hundred-acre field in a corner of which she is scratching.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Not one great country can be named, from the polar regions in the north to New Zealand in the south, in which the aborigines do not tattoo themselves.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “What a book a devil’s chaplain might write on the clumsy, wasteful, blundering, low, and horribly cruel work of nature!”
Charles Darwin Quote: “A cell is a complex structure, with its investing membrane, nucleus, and nucleolus.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “The formation of different languages and of distinct species and the proofs that both have been developed through a gradual process, are curiously parallel.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Believing as I do that man in the distant future will be a far more perfect creature than he now is, it is an intolerable thought that he and all other sentient beings are doomed to complete annihilation after such long-continued slow progress.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “It is a cursed evil to any man to become as absorbed in any subject as I am in mine.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “The tree of life should perhaps be called the coral of life, base of branches dead; so that passages cannot be seen-this again offers contradiction to constant succession of germs in progress.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Natural selection acts solely by accumulating slight successive favorable variations, it can produce no great or sudden modification; it can act only by very short steps.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “As natural selection works solely by and for the good of each being, all corporeal and mental endowments will tend to progress toward perfection.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Thus we have given to man a pedigree of prodigious length, but not, it may be said, of noble quality.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Great is the power of steady misrepresentation.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “It is scarcely possible to doubt that the love of man has become instinctive in the dog.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “The man that created the theory of evolution by natural selection was thrown out by his Dad because he wanted him to be a doctor. GAWD, parents haven’t changed much.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “The young blush much more freely than the old but not during infancy, which is remarkable, as we know that infants at a very early age redden from passion.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine gradations, do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Till facts be grouped and called there can be no prediction. The only advantage of discovering laws is to foretell what will happen and to see the bearing of scattered facts.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “The expression often used by Mr. Herbert Spencer of the Survival of the Fittest is more accurate, and is sometimes equally convenient.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Whoever is led to believe that species are mutable will do good service by conscientiously expressing his conviction; for only thus can the load of prejudice by which this subject is overwhelmed be removed.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I have at least, as I hope, done good service in aiding to overthrow the dogma of separate creations.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “With highly civilised nations continued progress depends in a subordinate degree on natural selection; for such nations do not supplant and exterminate one another as do savage tribes.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I ought, or I ought not, constitute the whole of morality.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “There are several other sources of enjoyment in a long voyage, which are of a more reasonable nature. The map of the world ceases to be a blank; it becomes a picture full of the most varied and animated figures.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Any one whose disposition leads him to attach more weight to unexplained difficulties than to the explanation of facts will certainly reject my theory.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “Thomson’s views on the recent age of the world have been for some time one of my sorest troubles.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “When the views entertained in this volume on the origin of species, or when analogous views are generally admitted, we can dimly forsee that there will be a considerable revolution in natural history.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “We fancied even that the bushes smelt unpleasantly.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “I shall always feel respect for every one who has written a book, let it be what it may, for I had no idea of the trouble which trying to write common English could cost one – And alas there yet remains the worst part of all correcting the press.”
Charles Darwin Quote: “It may be conceit, but I believe the subject will interest the public, and I am sure that the views are original.”
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